Jul 10, 2014

The Lake Life

Memorial Day weekend.
Yep, I'm posting this a little bit late.
That's what happens when you take pictures with your "real camera" and then
have to transfer them to your computer.
That takes too much time.

We had a blast...I'll let the pictures tell the story.

Take me back!!!
It must be noted that my favorite memory of the whole trip was when Alex climbed up
on the cliff to jump.
At first, my nephew, D, was like "Heck no, I'm not going up there!"
Then Alex showed him up....and he couldn't be shown up by a girl.
So you had to climb up out of the water holding onto a tree branch.
It took him a few minutes to get up there....and right when he did,
he looked over and screamed "Oh poop! there's a snake!" And dove in the water.

Personally, I would have passed out.
He said it was head up, hissing at him like it was going to strike.
But I won't forget how quickly he moved after seeing it. :)

Things are always better at the lake.
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  1. I cannot handle snakes! Ugh! They seem to be everywhere this year too! Yuck! Glad y'all had fun! xo

  2. I can't wait for our daughter to be older so we can take her out on the boat. I miss those summer days so much! My grandparents had a lake house till I was 17 and we spent nearly every summer weekend out there. I think that's the reason I love fishing and the water so much.

  3. Ughhh my gosh I would freak right out if I saw a snake hissing at me with his head up... no no no no no!! Great pics... looks like a fun way to kick-off summer!

  4. How fun!!! I always love going to our River House and spending the day on the boat!!!
    PS: the snake story is to funny!!!