Jun 10, 2014

Off to Camp

Some of my favorite childhood memories are from summer camp.
I've said every year that I'm going to send K&A to the same camp....
and then I get lazy and cheap (it's kinda expensive! thank you Mom for
sending me so much when I was young) and they don't end up going.
Then this year, I signed them up. And I signed up for the autodraft so
that money was coming out of my bank account whether I liked it or not.
I'm so glad they got to go this year!!!
And just so you know, I was like a kid living out her childhood when I
walked back into camp. I was all like "I know where everything is..." only
to realize that, hello!, it's been about 20 years since I've been there so, yeah,
things have changed a bit. :)
On the way there, I was telling the girls how much fun they were going to
have and they were just staring at me with an "Are we there yet?" attitude.
Alex said, "I'm pretty sure you are more excited than we are Mom."
So, maybe I was.
But once we got there, they got super excited!
And just in case I forget to remember what happened when we got there.....
but without offending anyone with this story, let's just say that when we
got there, it appeared that I had signed them up for a special needs camp....
but there were 2 camps so there was no #momfail like I thought there was.
I was sad leaving them....I kinda wanted to sign my name up to be a
camp counselor. Except for the fact that the minimum age for a counselor
is 15, and I'm pretty sure my signing up would have been frowned upon.
And alas, I already have a job. No camp for me.
I can't wait to hear all about the girls' experience though!!!

Yes, that's my finger in the picture. I was so excited about camp that my fat finger got in the way of the picture.
Or else I just wanted to be included in the pic. One or the other.

That's my mom! Isn't she skinny and cute? Unfortunately I got my dad's figure. Fail.

Here's to a great time at camp K&A.
May you meet new friends, find cute boys that you like to look at from afar, like way far,
and created awesome memories that will last a lifetime.
PS. don't kill each other, please.
Next year, I'm signing up as counselor and using a fake ID.

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  1. Aww they're going to have so much fun!!!

  2. Fun! I never got to go to camp but was a counselor and 'rotator' for a few years - that was fun too!

  3. both my girls and husband are at camp this week, and there is NO WAY they were more excited than I was

  4. I always loved going to summer camp, Im sure they are going to love it!!!!

  5. You know I love this! I, too, get SO excited about Emily going to camp... but I didn't even go to her camp when I was a kid so I can only imagine your excitement and nostalgia! I hope they have a great time! How long are they gone for? I'm sure they'll make lots of memories! Emily leaves in 3-1/2 weeks for camp... so soon, we need to pack!