Jun 10, 2014

Mother's Day at the Safari Park

Mother's Day this year was a bit different than any other year.
Of course, I remembered last year...when we told our Moms that we were
pregnant. And I thought about how I was suppose to be a Mom of 3 this year...

Needless to say, we needed a distraction on this day.
And I wanted to work on appreciating what I have, instead of what I'm missing.

And lo and behold, a groupon appeared to save the day.

to the The TN Safari Park.

If you live in TN, or anywhere close to Alamo, you must
go immediately. You should also not think about how dirty your
car will get, since there will be food dropping all over the place and
animals will be licking your windshield.

You should also know that, if you are like me, you will be scared to death.
And probably scream a lot and have your husband and children laugh
out loud at you often.

So you drive through the park and the animals walk up to your car.
You can buy food, and let's be honest, you must buy food.
It's just not as fun if you don't.

Let's also get one other fact clear....the people who own this park are
genius! We pay for the food and we feed the animals for them. It's like
a perfectly crafted trap to get us to do all the work for them.

The birds. Let's just say only a mother could love that face.
There really are some unfortunate looking birds there.
I wish I had a picture of one of them....but like I said U.G.L.Y.

The ostrich. Ooo. Emmm. Geee. I can't even.
They straight up come into your car without an invitation.
And when you pull your food away from them, they go-go-gadget that neck
all the way to keep grabbing your food.
Kinda like this:
Probably the only moment I can remember where I wish that I had the old school manual roll-up windows
because the automatic window was just not rolling up fast enough. They. are. scary.
The buffalo.
There is a video for this.....but it's really loud and obnoxious. As in, I'm really loud and obnoxious in it. We should have known better than trying to feed a buffalo that was away from a herd. Like, basically he was so huge and scary that he had no friends. And if the other buffalo are scared of him, then we probably should have been also.

Buffalo heads are larger than they appear in pictures. Believe that.
All the other animals, we could basically roll the window up on their faces and they got the picture.
The buffalo? Not so much.
FH tried to roll the window up to get rid of him and his big, fat, THICK neck rolled that junk back down. Did you hear me? He pushed the window back down.
All I can say is that it's a good thing that I wasn't driving because he might have lost a head, because
I know I would have floored it at that moment.
Heck, I was safely on the other side and I was screaming at the top of my lungs.
Poor FH, when the going gets tough, I do not get tough with it. At least when it comes to buffalo.
Needless to say, we had lots of fun.
Next time we go, I might need a Xanax though.

The girls? Well, let's just say they were braver than I was.
But then again, when you are that young, you don't think about death by way of buffalo eating.
And your life doesn't flash before your eyes.

Kate made me a cake for Mother's Day. And I have to tell you, it was amazing!
My kids watch way too much Cake Boss on Netflix but it has paid off....
I know they've watched too much when they tell me they need a piper to decorate....

Kate bought all the ingredients for the cake and did all of it herself.
Alex? Well, she bought herself a stuffed buffalo and called it a day.
She said she didn't have enough money left over to buy me a gift. Haha, good thing she's cute.

Hope everyone had as great of a Mother's Day as I did!!! Pin It Now!


  1. We are going to a similar zoo/park near Ft. Worth Texas in a couple of weeks! After reading this I'm really excited..except for maybe a buffalo! haha

  2. I am so glad y'all had fun, but oh HAYELL NAW. That ostrich head IN YOUR CAR?! I need a Xanax just from reading your post! Good Lord.

  3. There is a place like this in Ohio but we have never gone. The ostrich is so cute but I would loose my mind if it stuck it's head in my car window!

  4. I'm about to pee my pants. These pictures are hilarious! And your captions even better!