Apr 14, 2014

She's a Homerun Hitter

First off, like my new look?
Hubby Jack made it happen.
If you need a new look, hit him up.
All the cool bloggers are doing it. :)
I realize I am falling behind on blogging.
This happens when softball season rolls around.
We get kinda busy.
And in case you were wondering, yes, I'm that crazy softball mom that
yells the entire time, knows every single kid's name, and coaches from the sideline.
Sorry but I'm not really sorry.
I know my softball. And I'm secretly SUPER jealous that I'm too old to play.
Although I have plans of getting an adult team together soon.....
So, last week, Kate had her first ball game.
Alex decided not to play...and she has regretted it every day since.
I was super nervous because Kate was playing first...and she's never played first.
And ya kinda get a lot of action on first.
That girl caught a line drive and owned that base.
I was proud.
The game was tied so we went into an extra inning.
Bottom of the extra inning, still tied, and we were at bat with 2 outs.
And I was praying we would score because I was too sleepy for another inning.
Kate's up to bat.
Be still my heart.
I swear, I am not good on the sidelines.
Just let me bat for you!!!
Right before she went up to bat, she asked me if I would buy her sunflower seeds if she
hit a homerun.....obviously, I said yes. And probably would have promised her something bigger.
Annnnnnnnnd, she hit a homerun to win the game.
Just like that, game over.
Proud is an understatement.
Some of my best memories in life are from that same exact softball field.
So I love watching my kids make memories there.
And she smiled the entire way home.
And I still owe the girl some sunflower seeds...thank goodness I didn't promise her something big.
I also found out that K&A aren't facebook friends.
Twins, but not facebook friends. I swear, those girls......
In other news, my cousin Jessie went to heaven on Saturday.
I hate that she had to leave earth, but I know she was ready.
And I know she is hugging on my sweet baby and keeping him company.
Happy Monday everybody! I'm excited about a good week. :) 
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  1. Yayy for softball season!! We still don't start for a couple more weeks because the fields are a mess but we're close! Congrats on the home run... that's AWESOME and I know that must've been an amaaazing feeling! I would totally join your adult team... you know, if I wasn't 1,000 miles away! :)

  2. Yay for softball. My kids don't play any sports yet, but I know I would totally be that mom too. Yelling, cheering and screaming. It's what mom's do right? We are our child's biggest cheerleader. Glad you are enjoying it.


  3. Yay for softball! I really hope G plays.

    I was really sorry to hear about your cousin but now you know someone is keeping Harper company until you get back with him.

  4. The blog looks great! Love your blurb about you!

    How in the world are they not FB friends? Silly girls!

    Can't wait to hear all about you playing softball again when you get that adult team going!

    Sorry to hear about your cousin. :( What a bummer. It is nice to know there are people 'up there' rocking and holding your sweet baby, tho. I take comfort in that myself knowing our little baby boy isn't alone and scared up there.