Mar 27, 2014

My Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Yesterday was the last day of my 24 day challenge.
This is my COMPLETELY honest thoughts on the challenge.

First off, the 10 day cleanse.
I can tell you right off that I didn't lose as much as expected.
Most people lose 7-10 lbs on the cleanse...and I lost 4.
I felt amazing at the end of it but what the heck?!
After tons of review, I figured out the problems.
Plus FH researched a lot to figure out what was going on.

First off, I ate my weight in fruit.
Umm duh Lora, fruit has sugar. Yes, it's good sugar, but one of the main
points of the cleanse is to limit your sugar.
So that's mistake number 1.

Second, I was eating clean before I started the cleanse.
Most people lose a ton of weight with the cleanse because they
aren't already eating this way. It's an amazing way to get you on track
with eating right, but I was already there. I just had to give up my daily greek
yogurt and cheese.
Since my body was already accustomed to this way of eating, it wasn't a
shock to it like the cleanse is for a lot of people.
Mistake number 2.

Third, bad timing. We all know that I lost my son just before I started
Advocare.....and I stopped breastfeeding cold turkey. And went straight into
a strict diet with VERY high cardio. (Cardio is my coping mechanism.) Since I went through these changes so quickly, apparently my body went from lactating to producing another type
of hormone that caused me to hold on to fat....thanks for that! FH read all about it,
(he's my fitness instructor) and read that in order to get past it, I need to do less cardio (what-the-what?!) and lift more weights. I'm on that track right now and loving it.
Mistake number 3.

After the 10 days was over, I wasn't ready to stop.
Once you get past the first few days, you realize this is something you can keep doing.
I can say that starting on the 11th day, you take a LOT of pills.
It's easy to forget to take them....and if you have problems with big pills, you might have problems.
Also, the fiber drink, for the 10 day cleanse, I got it down, no problem at all!
But since I want to be able to answer all questions I get honestly, I forced myself to try the Citrus
fiber drink. I was told to get the Peaches and Cream because it is way better.
And I almost threw up. The Citrus one is retched. But the Peaches and Cream one is no problem.
The hardest part of the entire 24 days was going out to eat.
I planned all my meals for the week on Sundays and had everything ready- this is the key to success!
But eating out was tough and took lots of willpower.

All in all, I'm still in love with these products.
And I'm not saying that to make money...I just signed up to sell so I can get the discount.
I actually like my job so I don't plan on quitting to sell Advocare or anything.
I feel better, so so much better. And I've learned how to eat right.
And as cheesy as it sounds, I've learned how to make this a lifestyle change, not a diet.
And we all know that's the most important part.
I lost a total of 7 lbs on the 24 day challenge.
My pants are fitting better, my face is thinner, and my body is changing in so many ways.
The number on the scale is not all that matters!!!

If you are interested in Advocare, you can order it here.
If you have any questions about it, you can comment below. I will be happy to help anybody out.
This product has changed my life and I may not be ready to share progress pics yet, but I can
assure you that I am way closer than I have ever been.

So stay tuned.....

Happy Thursday everybody.
FH and I are headed to a much needed mini vaca this weekend so I'll be sure to blog about it soon. :) Pin It Now!


  1. 7 lbs in 24 days sounds pretty awesome to me! I really need to do one of these 10 day cleanses. Maybe I'll get the motivation from you! You did awesome!!

  2. I lost 5lbs during my 10 day cleanse. Not bad. I got the citrus and it was really bad!!

  3. I'm just finishing my 10th day and as cliche as it is, you really feel great. I didn't weigh myself, I did it more for getting back on track. If I had to guess I probably only lost about 3-4lbs too. I'm a fruit lover as well so that's probably why. I must be the oddball out because the citrus didn't bother me. Congrats on your loss and enjoy your mini vaca!

  4. 7 lbs sounds pretty awesome to me! Keep up the good work! Feeling good in your own skin is way more important than what the scale says anyway. Enjoy the getaway!!!

  5. Thanks for the honest review! And the good tips. And holy cow, how bad did your chest hurt after quitting pumping cold turkey???

    Enjoy your much deserved vacation!

  6. I am on day 4 of the 24 day challenge. I have to say it's hard today as I am CRAVING some chocolate but so far I am refraining!

  7. Thank you for being so honest! I ordered mine like a month ago and the box is still sitting in my closet! Clearly I'm just afraid of even trying

  8. Those are great results girl.. I might be hitting you up soon for another 10 day cleanse and I still haven't tried Spark yet... I know, WHO AM I?

  9. I just finished up the cleanse of the 24 Day Challenge and after reading your post, I probably did the same thing. Ate too much FRUIT! I did not loose anything during the cleanse. Definitely changed my eating habits and my exercising habits, but did not loose 1 pound…. I am onto the MAX phase now and after reading your info, I am going to really focus on limiting my love of fruit…..