Feb 26, 2014

Branching Out

I'd like to write a book.
A book about life in the NICU.
One of the worse things about being a NICU mom is feeling all alone.
And not knowing what to expect.
Since I'm a part of the blog world, I searched for blogs and read them...
and that was so comforting to me.
But if you aren't a blogger, you probably wouldn't go that route.

The only person that understands the NICU life is a Mom that has lived through it.
And I want to help other Moms with tips and things I learned.

My question for you is....how do I do it?
Should I just write it all out, then see how long it is?
Maybe just make it a pamphlet to hand out at the NICU?
Maybe turn it into an e-book? Because let's be honest, we all know I
write a lot so it probably won't be short.

And most importantly, do you think that I shouldn't write it because
of how my story ends? Would you really want to read a story about a
baby that went to heaven after 5 months when you yourself are praying
for your own child?? I think I can make it positive enough....but I also know
that emotions are all over the place for these moms so I would never want
to discourage them!!!

Any advice that you have for me is greatly appreciated. :)
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  1. I'd make it an e-book. As far as addressing "Would you really want to read a story about a baby that went to heaven after 5 months when you yourself are praying for your own child?? " Gather LOTS of stories and ask the mom's for permission to incorporate parts of their stories into the book. This way you are covering ALL aspects of life with a preemie in NICU.

    I was also a NICU mom and I would have LOVED a book to help guide the mind field of emotions.

    Thinking about you and your family daily.

  2. I think this is such a wonderful idea! I would have loved to hear from another mom who had been down this road and knew what to expect. I also love the idea of incorporating a bunch of different experiences and stories into the book, everyone's experience is different but we were all thrown into the NICU world, most of us without a clue of what to do or how to deal with our new baby in there. EBooks is a great idea because I was always trying to find something to get my hands on while I was in there sitting with my babies before I was able to hold him. Go for it!!

  3. I think this is a great idea. There are thousands of mom's sitting in NICU's right now. Some of them this is their first days and some of them have been in there for months. You should probably start writing and see how long it gets and see if it evolves more into a book or a pamphlet. Just follow your heart and work towards what inspires you. This could be very cathartic for you.

  4. I don't personally have NICU experience, but I had a close friend who did and based on her tales of the NICU, I'd say a book by a mom who's been through it would be great. I think E-Book is the way to go...it would be easier for NICU moms to get it. And just because your story ends the way it does doesn't mean that it isn't worth telling. It is worth telling...over and over and over.

  5. I was a nicu momma. And regardless of how the story ended, the journey is what gets us through it all, right? We never truly know the ending. I'm thankful for your story

  6. I think it's a great idea! You have a story and experiences to share that I think would be encouraging and helpful to other moms and dads. I'm just not sure about the e-book route. I feel like it's almost something that you should be able to get, or they "give" you at the NICU.

  7. Fantastic idea!!! I'm not a nicu mom but have a nicu baby- I would love to write a story or a paragraph or two for it. I could encourage mommas cause I couldn't be there!

  8. I think it is a wonderful idea Lora. You are telling ways to cope with being a NICU mom. That is one element of your story and your outcome doesn't really play a factor. If anything they could learn to ask their local ambulatory service if they are adequately equipped should need arise. Or they could learn that it is essential to take classes such as CPR seriously. I had to take it for Lukas and honestly, I don't know that I could remember the steps. And your story has made me aware that I wouldn't be able to take care of my kids should something happen. You and Harper are destined to touch so many with your story.

  9. I think this would be a amazing idea, a great way to help others in our shoes, who have gone through and whom may go through something similar. You can do anything you put your mind to!!!

  10. I wanted to let you know how much your blog meant to me and anything you can do to extend its reach is a marvelous idea. I found you and learned about Harper when I was placed on hospital bed rest at 25 weeks with my son Jack. We made it to our goal of 35 weeks and only spent a couple days on oxygen and less than 3 weeks in NICU, but your perspective in real time (Jack was born late Oct) and knowing what you were going through, was so helpful as we prepared to become NICU parents. NICU is an entirely different world and coming home without baby is like nothing you can imagine or emotionally prepare for. You are a force and I just want to say thank you for sharing Harper with us all. As I'm sure you already know, his little life continues to have huge purpose.

  11. I think you should write it. Your strength through all of this has been aaaamazing. I'm only 22, no kids, recent college grad and I was a big ole ball of emotion throughout Harper's journey. I can only imagine how you could touch someone who will be/is a NICU parent.

  12. Yes, yes, yes! This is such a wonderful idea. I also agree it would be nice to add some stories of other NICU mommies experiences. When my boys were in the NICU, the only person I could reach out to was my cousin in Germany, reading her emails helped me feel not so insane. It is a roller coaster that people feel bad you are on, but don't really know what it is like unless they have been there. I started researching different blogs, like you mentioned, and I've written my own post about my NICU experience to hopefully help others out there. I honestly feel that your story would be an inspiration in your book just as it is now. You have focused on the positive, on God's plan this entire time...and I really feel that people need to see that with faith you can see the good in the bad. Harper's story has touched so many people's lives, it is incredible. I know that you writing a book would do the same.
    I continue to pray for your family. God Bless!