Feb 28, 2013

The Night that I Almost Died

Why is work always busy when I don't want to work?
Correct answer: I never want to work.

I don't have much time today, but I had to tell you about how I almost died last night.
No, but really.

So, as you all know, FH works nights.
So I'm the "man of the house" at night.
As you also may know, when you are acting as the "man of the house", there are always strange noises.

For some reason, I always get creeped out when clothes are in the dryer while I am trying to fall asleep.
From my bedroom, I can just barely hear the clothes and then I never know what the noise is.
So, last night, I kept getting freaked out by the dryer.
Then of course, I start imagining zombies.....and I start wondering if there was an intruder, would I be able to slow him down by shooting him with the pink BB gun....you know, the usual.

And then, you know when you reach that point where your eyes are closed and you are almost asleep but not completely yet?
Well, that's where I was.
At the gates of dreamland.

And then I opened my eyes.

{dramatic pause}

{commercial break to make sure you are held in suspense}

And there was a face looking directly at me, like 2 cm from my nose.

It was Alex.

At least I didn't shoot her with the BB gun.

Does anybody else have silent creeping kids?! I feel like if I weren't a mom, I would have jumped 100 feet as opposed to the 95 ft that I actually jumped. But my kids tend to do this often.

Hope everybody is having a fantabulous Thursday! Don't forget to spend a little time with the girl we all love to hate, Jillian. :)
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Feb 26, 2013

Lora with an 'O'

Hey y'all!

I have a few new smiling faces around these parts recently so I wanted to say hi...and tell you a few things about myself.

If you really knew me, you would know that.....

-My name is Lora, not Laura. And I really hate when people call me Laura, although I will never correct you.

-I absolutely love working out in the morning. And I like bootcamp style hardcore workouts. the closer I am to puking, the better.


-I don't dress up for work, like ever. When I do, people at work think I have an interview or something fancy planned.

-I lock doors. like all doors. Even when I am home alone, I still lock the bathroom door. Weird? probably, but you can never be too safe. plus I have an abnormal fear that someone is going to walk in on me while I'm using the bathroom. This probably stems from walking in on my older cousin when I was little. It scared me for life.

-I am obsessed with IG. (Follow me @MrsLoYoung)....and I'm pretty sure most of you knew this already.

-I have old lady legs, and knees, and elbows. Apparently I'm falling apart....and I still tend to overdo it when working out. Luckily I have a husband who reminds me that I shouldn't do too much.

-I clean my ears daily because dirty ears gross me out. (random, much?)

-HUGE Tiger fan here. I'm pretty sure I have enough Tiger gear to wear every day of the year. And JP is pretty much my second favorite man in the world.

-I hate the dentist. with a passion. Why does he talk to you when he has both of his fists in your mouth? Am I suppose to answer?

-I'm an accountant but I don't do my own taxes. Ain't nobody got time for that.

-In my next life (not that I believe in that sort of thing), I would like to be a PE teacher. How fun would that be? I'd have to save up some money from this life in order to support myself, but still, it'd be good stuff.

-My kids go to private school. Some people think this make me snobby, I think it just makes me poor. But I am 100% happy with sacrificing so my kids can learn in a Christian environment. See also, I do NOT judge anybody who has kids at public school, it's all about what you can do and what's important to you.

-My husband is my BFF. This statement use to annoy me...until I married my best friend. Now, I get it.

-My kids are the MOST RANDOM kids you will ever meet. I wish I could carry a recorder around so I could share it all, I get hilarious quotes from them often.

-I'm 30...which apparently is the new 80. But I don't feel old at all!

-if you hear me mention FH, that is what I call my husband. It stands for Future Husband, although he is actually my husband. I named him that on like our 3rd date.

-I have to stay on my toes on a daily basis so that I stay smarter than my kids. Sad but true. For example, one time, when they were little, Kate wrote on the wall. But in order to get away with it, she wrote Alex's name. She ALMOST fooled me.

-my Garmin watch is by far my favorite purchase that I have made lately. it has changed my workout life. if you are thinking about investing in one, stop thinking and just order it already. Totally worth every penny.

-I'm running in my first half in April, and I have yet to do more than a 10K. So basically I'm training by not really training. We'll see how this works for me.

-I love new friends....and comments, and emails, and texts, and IGs, and twitter shout outs. So feel free to comment below and say hi!

I guess that's all I got for now. I can't think of anything interesting about myself. I'd like to talk about how I lost 50 lbs....but you'll have to come back, say around this summer for that post.

Thanks for following, I love all your faces.
Happy Tuesday y'all.

PS I woke up at 5 this morning, did Jillian (twss), and put dinner in the crockpot....so after work today, I have a hot date with my book. Or else a 2-a-day workout...tomorrow is, after all, weigh in wednesday!
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Feb 25, 2013

The Post I Wasn't Going to Write

I wasn't going to post today.
But for some reason I can't seem to stay away from blogging.
I wanted to tell you all about the new car that we bought over the weekend.
And how we walked out of one man's office because he didn't want to come down on his price....and then spent $1000 more on a different car because another sales guy was that much nicer (in your face rude sales guy!).
But I just wasn't feeling it this morning.

I have thought lots about this post...and thought even more about whether I should type it out.
But before all you people started reading, this was my online diary.
No one really read it but my BFF, my husband, and my exhusband.
I make all my posts into a book each year, so I can go back and read them. So I can remember things that are easily forgotten.
So that when I am old and gray, I can re-live it all.

And I decided that this moment, the feelings that I am having right now, need to be remembered.
I need to look back on this later on.

Unless you are new here, you know that I have baby pneumonia.
I want a baby, like last year.
But there is no bun in my oven yet.
Month after month, I get let down when it doesn't happen.
I tell myself to stop thinking about it, that it will happen when it's meant to. That as long as I am stressing, it will never happen.

All my life I have been taught to aspire to bigger things.
I graduated from college once, and went back for another degree.
I had a husband that was not good to me at all, and I dreamed of the day that I would have a husband that loved me.
I worked hard to find a job that I loved.
Good things come to those who wait for it get off their butt and make it happen.

I prayed for a good man, and once I got him, I wanted more.
I prayed for an apartment so I could finally move out of my Mom's house, and once I got it, I started thinking about buying a house.
Once I bought the house, I started wanting a ring on my finger.
Once I had the house and the ring and the husband, I wanted a baby.

If you don't see a pattern here, then you are crazy.

I have for years been focusing on what I want, what I THINK that I need, instead of what I have.

No, there is no baby growing in my belly, but there are two beautiful girls growing in front of my own eyes.
I have a husband that many girls would kill to have, a man who loves me when I have on his huge sweatshirt, no makeup, and have been crying my eyes out just because Mother Nature came knocking on my door ONCE AGAIN.
I have a job that pays the bills, and gives me enough freedom that I don't go bonkers everyday.
I have a house in exactly the area that I wanted to live in.
I even have a new cell phone finally. :)

My point is, I'm dissappointed, obviously. Naturally.
But it's not the end of the world.
I am a mother, and a wife, and I need to focus on that.
I need to smell the roses that are already in my life, instead of focusing on the flowers that I can't smell.

The point of this post isn't to get you to comment and tell me that you are sorry, or to tell me to quit thinking about it.
The point is more of me reminding myself that I have LOTS AND LOTS to be happy about.
And I need to remember that.

I will always be the type of person that I am, the type that wants something and goes after it.
The type that has a goal and works towards it to make it happen.
But this is one thing that no matter how hard I work, it is completely in God's hands.
And if you want to make God laugh, you simply tell him how you have your life planned out.

Don't worry gals, I'll be back tomorrow to drama-free blogging land.
I like my posts to cause laughter, not all this other ish.
Hope everyone is having a great Monday...don't forget to do your Jillian Michaels' workouts...I'll be checking on you on IG. :)
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Feb 21, 2013

The Ice that Didn't Happen

I was suppose to wake up to ice/sleet this morning.
And then schools and work closing.
That's how I planned it.
And it didn't happen.
I was suppose to be stuck in the house all day with nothing to do but read and lounge and ignore laundry and dishes.
I even had bread in the house and plenty of food.

True fact: I wake up once every night to go to the bathroom.
See also: I have a small bladder.
When I woke up around 1 last night/this morning, I checked facebook and then my weather app (in that order) to find out if there was ice.
Cause looking out the window would be too much work.
Down but not out.
It could still happen, right?

Around 5:30 AM I got a text from FH that said "sorry, no ice".
But there was rain.
Well played Mother Nature, well played.
Rain is just annoying, but it doesn't get me out of work.
It just frizzes my hair like a mother.

So here I sit at work.

Surprisingly, even though I didn't get the day off work, I'm in a great mood.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it's Thursday!
Almost the weekend.
And I got a new phone last night that is lightning fast.
Or the fact that I started out my day with this text:

I only had to pay her $1 to get her to send this text.

Hope everybody has a Happy Thursday....and maybe it will start sleeting soon and I can go home....maybe. :) Pin It Now!

Feb 20, 2013

The Roof of my Mouth

It's that time again.
Time to be random.
Being random to me is like breathing.
I do it without meaning to.
There's just a lot going on in this head....and if I were writing a story, I might try to make it flow. But this is a blog, not writing class.

1. I burnt the roof of my mouth last night. Like seriously bad. My inner fat girl came out when I was finally finished cooking dinner  and I was so hangry I could have eaten a miniature horse. I would show you a picture of my dinner, but I'm a chubster first and a blogger second. So you can guess who won out on that battle. I can tell you that this meal is one of our all time favorites at our house, so we were all four in fat kid heaven last night. And when your husband and kids start whining about the poppy seeds, just cram a spoonful in their mouth and then see what they say, mmmmkay?
2. Weigh-In Wednesday. Guess what? I'm down an elllbee. Holla! Finally back on track and I'm super duper excited about this. In case you are keeping track, that's 11 lbs lost in I guess a little over a month. Not fabulous, but I'll take it.

{For some reason I can't get my Weigh In Wednesday button to work, but you can go here and here to find the linkup and some great posts!}

3. Last night I ran 1 mile. I'm not doing great on my half-marathon training which is the understatement of the year. But I have found that I can't run as often as I would like since I'm an old lady and have too many aches and pains. I think that I am going to try to work on my speed training and then work on my endurance with other exercises like the elliptical. This may not work for everybody, but I'm hoping it works for me. If all else fails, I'll just rely on my stubborness to get me across the finish line. That's how I survived my 10K.

So maybe I only ran one mile last night, but it was my fastest mile yet! I'm so excited about that. I ran it in 9 minutes and 12 seconds. You should know that when I started running (and I use that term very lightly, it was more of a jog for 20 seconds, stop to catch my breath, and then walk for 30 minutes kinda thing) I did a 14 minute mile. In a little over a year, I have dropped almost 5 minutes from my time. Holla! And my goal is to run a mile in under 9 minutes. I don't care if it's 8 minutes and 59 seconds, I just want it under 9.
Question for all my runners, how can I improve my breathing in cold weather? I seriously feel like I am going to die. Help a sista out.
4. Today is a big day. If you have been following me long, you know that I have a dinosaur-ish iphone. Hello Zach Morris. And today, I'm FINALLY getting a new one. {I know you are going to be proud Kimmy.} So basically, get ready for me to be even more annoying on all things social media related. (follow me on IG @MrsLoYoung if you like updates every 4 minutes)
5. Today is also a big day for another reason. I have decided that I'm not quite going to share this on my blog which is weird because I share everything. But if you have been paying attention to things, and you read my secret guest post awhile back, then you would know kind of what I'm talking about. Today is the day I go find out if what I'm taking is working. Got that? And if you have no idea what I am talking about then you can just skip ahead to #6. :) Any prayers that you want to throw my way (or Nany Clue style dances) would be greatly appreciated.
6. Because of #5, I'm only working half a day today. And we all know these are my favorite types of days!
7. If you follow me on IG, then you saw me issue a challenge up yesterday. You see, I love competition. And I love to push myself. And misery loves company. So I decided that everyone (who wants to participate) should see how fast they can do 50 flights of stairs. I did it in 8 minutes and 20 seconds. Feel free to put me to shame....it will def motivate me to do better next time.
But I should warn you, it's super hard to take a pic of this....every time I almost had it where it wasn't blurry, it would pause and the numbers would go away. It's a tough life for us bloggers who need to document everything.

I think that's it for me today....I better get to work since I'm leaving at lunch time. How was your weigh in? Are you working on your fitness? Do you need me to slap you in the face and wake you up and remind you that warm weather is right around the corner??

Happy hump day blog friends!!
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Feb 19, 2013

Where Did February Go?

Seriously though, February is coming to an end next week.
That was fast.
Does anyone else always have trouble spelling that month?
I know I do. I think Spanish class messed me up.
Because I may or may not remember that it is spelled like one letter different in Spanish. Or I might have made that up. I didn't pay that much attention in Spanish class.

I'm okay with this month slipping away though because March is a big month at our house.
K&A turn 10 and FH turns 93. Or something like that.
Not to mention.......SPRING!
I can't wait for warmer weather.

Because I'm lazy this morning and because I was off work yesterday and have tons of work to catch up on, I'll provide you a weekend update in bullet point form. If I can remember it all.

-Friday was a success because I used no vacation time at work. That is a big deal for me because I feel like I should always leave early on Fridays.

-Friday night was a big fat fail because instead of going to the gym with FH, I sat at home and watched TV and read my book. I've discovered that having a good book to read makes me lazy and makes me skip workouts. So, I finished the book I was reading and I'm going to TRY NOT TO start another one for awhile.

-Saturday morning was a success. I know you might not believe this, but FH&I ate a meal AT OUR HOUSE INSTEAD OF GOING OUT TO EAT!!! I even gave him a high five.

-Saturday afternoon we went car shopping and finally found a car! Hallelujah! We have been looking for awhile now for something with good gas mileage, older, cheap, but not too old or cheap. Apparently everyone and their grandma buys used cars now so it was a task....now just pray that the car is still there when we go back tomorrow to get it.

-Saturday night we watched the Tigers game at Fox...and I ate bad. But not horrible, so that's a good deal. They have the best pizza ever so Fat Lora wanted to order one and "take the leftovers home for later" which we all know is fat girl lingo for eat the entire thing. But I didn't.

-Sunday morning, bright and early, I met my cousin Jaime for a run/walk at a nearby park. I was SUPER EXCITED about this for many reasons. First, she introduced me to a nearby park that I didn't realize had a 2 mile track. I have been looking for one that you didn't have to go around the track like 4 times just to make a mile. Second, she is my favoritest cousin ever and as we have gotten older, we haven't hung out as much as I would like. Third, I was sooooo lazy Sunday morning that I doubt I would have gotten up if I wasn't already committed to her. And fourth, we may not have ran as much as planned, but we had a great time running our mouths. We invited Janessa too, but she was a lazy bum and didn't come. {Just calling you out J, like good friends do. :)}

-Sunday afternoon I went to a baby shower. It made my ovaries cry a little, but it was a good time. The mom-to-be is adopting and it has been a long time coming so I was so excited for her! So excited that I even curled my hair and wore heels...I don't do that for just anybody.

-Sunday night we cooked out. The girls love to cookout and help out a lot. Oh and I had the great idea to cook two meals while we had the grill going so we had dinner made for Sunday night and Monday night. Score. We may or may not have dropped a porkchop, cleaned it off, and pretended like it never happened. But according to IG, most of my friends would have done the same.
Kate is our master griller.

and master at duck faces.

Gosh, this is a long post...is anyone still with me??

-Monday was President's day so no work or school. We went shopping with my mom and sister, then sat around the house being lazy. It was great to have nowhere to be and nothing to do.

Now we are back to the normal grind....short weeks are the worst because they last FOREVER. But I am determined to work out hard this week, keep track of my food, get a new car, maybe get a spray tan, and keep up with all housework so it doesn't pile up for the weekend. What do you have planned for this week??

Happy Tuesday Errrrbody! :)

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Feb 15, 2013

Millions of Pics with my BFF

Creative title, huh?
Thought so.
So I know yesterday was the day of love for all yous guys.
{Do people really talk like that? 'All y'all' sounds much better.}
But today is my day of love.
On this day, 3 years ago, FH asked me to be his girlfriend.
And about 3 days BEFORE that, I had already dubbed him FH (Future Husband) so I didn't have to think long and hard about my answer.

FH and I were in a wedding together long ago.
He was a groomsmen, I was a bridesmaid.
It was love at first sight. He had no clue he was going to like me.
You see, I have a thing for bald men.
I can spot one a mile away, like a hunter tracking a deer.
So I noticed him.
But he didn't really notice me.
Who could blame him, I was fresh out of a really long stint as a desperate housewife. My hair was short and my butt was big.
It was weird when I was asked to be a bridesmaid in this wedding.
I barely knew the girl, but since it was an out of town wedding, and I was desperate to head towards a party, I was in.
Little did I know, it would be the best decision that I ever made.
I hated the dress. I felt like a cow.
But it was totally worth it.

look at those baby faces! and my gross short hair.
I flirted.
A lot.
But he had a crush on my friend.
And I love a good challenge.

Once we got home from the wedding, the bride sent us all an email thanking us for being part of her big day.
Score, this stalker now had his email.
So like any hunter tracking a deer, I emailed him.
Challenge accepted.

I added him on MySpace (RIP MySpace) and on Facebook.
Yes, I'm persistant.

You should know something about me.
Back in my single days, I was a little bit wild.
Not a lot, but almost all my girlfriends were single and I was living the life that I missed out on since I married so young.
And for some reason, I documented it all on facebook like a teenage girl.
Facebook was just the perfect outlet for me, because I've always had random, funny thoughts, but I'm kinda shy when I first get to know people, or don't know people that well. In real life I mean.
So, almost every random thought I had, it went on my status.
Yes, I was that annoying girl.
Now, I'm just that annoying girl on IG, I've grown up so much.
FH was the silent stalker fb type.
The kind that reads, but never comments.
So i basically forgot he was on there.
And then one day, he commented.
And then he did it again.
This is pretty much a year after the wedding.
And we started talking via facebook.
And then we moved to texting.
And then, I asked him out.
I just knew we would have fun together, even if he didn't realize it yet.
And we did.
And then I swore to myself that I wouldn't ask him out on the second date, that I would wait, and let him chase me.
And then I changed my mind.
I remember asking him if he wanted to hang out on Saturday.
His response:"well yeah, but it's only Tuesday, I'm not making plans for Saturday"

The rest is pretty much history.
He has been my best friend since the day I became his girlfriend.
He gets me.
He laughs with me and he laughs at me.
He supports me when I feel fat and high fives me when I feel skinny.
He takes me to Target on the weekends since we live far away and he loves me like there is no tomorrow.

He helped me realize that yes, I could do it all by myself, but I didn't have to anymore.

He showed me that not all boys are idiots, and some actually like to spend time with their wives instead of hanging out with the guys.

He makes me feel beatiful, even if I have thighs for arms like the pic above. {His vest with no shirt was a joke, he doesn't actually dress like that, just so you know. lol}

He started to plan weeks and months and years in advance with me. And now we are growing old together.

He loves my kids as if they are his own, helps with homework and dishes and even cleans the toilets every once in awhile.

 He introduced me to Spring River, The Walking Dead, and Buffalo Wild Wings, three of my favoritest things.

He impresses me every single day with his patience.

He buys me Red Bull and treats me like a Valentine every single day.

He is honest with me and gives me tough love when I need it.

no, I'm not pregnant in this picture, I just have a food baby and a bad dress on.

He is my #1 blog reader and still stalks me on social media.

He made me realize that I had a crappy life before him, but it was totally worth it to get to him.

He lets me be in charge when I want to be, but takes the lead when I need him to.

He kills the bugs.

He encourages me to run 5Ks because he gets that I need to pay someone to run.

He remembers every holiday. Including this anniversary that I may or may not have forgotten about.

He loves me when I wear heels (picture above as proof that it does actually happen sometimes) and get dressed up, but loves me just as much in my flip flops. Good thing.

Next stop, baby town.

I love you FH. Thanks for being you.

Happy freaking Friday y'all! Sorry for the sap fest, but I hope you all have an AMAZING weekend!! I know I plan on it.

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Feb 14, 2013

Clean Toilets

Forget flowers.
Forget candy.
I told FH that all I wanted for him to do for me on Vday was to clean the toilets at our house.
So I don't have to.
And then, I thought I might be limiting him.
Like maybe he loves me more than a couple of clean toilets can express.
So I think I'm going to extend it and ask him to clean the floors too.
Just so he is able to express his undying love.
And if he needs more options, I can definitely find them for him.

she isn't evil, all the time. despite the red eyes

This is the first year that K&A bought valentines for their crushes.
Don't worry, millions of dollars were not spent on them.
Although, I did have to go on a wild goose chase to find one kid some laffy taffy. Seriously kid, why don't you like chocolate like everyone else? Alex bought him a huge Reese's heart and then found out he didn't like those. FAIL. And so guess who had to eat the dang thing?!

This reminded me of my 5th grade self, who bought a huge chocolate I LOVE YOU for my then boyfriend.
And I gave it to him.
Nervous as all get out.
And he gave me some CK One perfume.
And then I found out he couldn't eat chocolate because of his braces so he gave it to his dad. FAIL.
Needless to say, I could relate so I had to find some dang laffy taffy.

And since there was nothing but a big bag, I made her put a big note on it so he would know it was from her. And not get lost in the shuffle since we already knew of another girl giving him a special treat.
Play on, playa.

Hope you all have a great day of love. I'll be celebrating with my main man on Saturday night.....but you know, we are newlyweds so we celebrate every day that we can. :)
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Feb 13, 2013

So (Freaking) What?!

Today I'm linking up here for So What Wednesday.
So What Wednesday
And this linkup goes along perfectly with this Wednesday that feels like it should be a Friday but is pretending to be a Monday.
Sorry if that didn't make any sense.
So What......
.....if I'm suppose to do Weigh In Wednesday today but I'm just not going to. The scale is not my friend.
.....if I told my friend KellyAnne to bring it this week because I was going to be her competition...and then I totally forgot to bring it. And she totally as usual brought it!
.....if all I have wanted to do this week is sit and eat chocolate and read my book. This is why I haven't read a good book in months because I know that my desire to work out sprials downward.
.......if I DESPISE Valentine's day. But for real. I hate this whole week. FH works a million overtime hours since so many people are shipping stuff. I just want all the chocolate to go away and my husband to be at home!
....if this feels like the longest week ever
.....if I wasn't planning on blogging today at all, and then realized that the SO WHAT concept would be perfect for my mood. And I also knew I didn't want to miss a day of emails/comments from my blog friends.
....if I am a freaking workout/healthy eating machine from Wednesday through Friday and then Saturday through Tuesday I'm a total slacker.
.....if I called to make a dentist appointment yesterday, waited way longer than I should have while the lady looked up my name, got mad that she couldn't find it because I swear I have been there a million times, and then I realized that I CALLED THE WRONG DENTIST. Oops.
So What if I'm already watching the clock and counting down the hours until the work day is over...this Momma needs a vacation! :)
Happy Hump Day Y'all!
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Feb 12, 2013

To Blog or Not to Blog

I love blogging.
And I love the world of IG.
I've met TONS of people through this outlet.
It keeps me entertained. It keeps me motivated.
It has helped me make new friends and helped me reconnect with old friends.
But this question is still always at the back of my mind:

Who is reading my blog that I don't know about?

We all have the silent facebook stalkers.
We know they are there because most of us are guilty of doing it ourselves...and it's usually okay because more than likely, you know those fb stalkers at least somehow. Assuming your fb is private. Which mine is. Well, my personal one is anyway.
Because I don't want people creeping on my stuff when I don't know who they are.

So, why do I have such an open IG?
And why do I blog about everything?

I've seen a lot of people make TONS of money off their blogs.
I would be lying if I said that didn't seem appealing.
Of course we all want to get paid to do something we love.
But that's definitely not my goal.
I blogged WAY before I got into the blogging world.
I blogged so I could remember the crazy things my kids say.
And to have a place to keep all of our pictures since we all know I'm not printing them all out and putting them in frames.
And then somewhere, along the way, I got into the blogosphere.
And now I love it.

But it is dangerous putting everything out there.
Where anybody could read it.
I don't like going to school functions and wondering what parents have discovered my blog.
It's not that I post anything bad....but it's reading what is inside my head. And it puts me at a disadvantage if you know what is inside my head but I have no idea what is inside yours.

I could never stop blogging. It has become a part of my life.
I love the comments I get, the email chains that go back and forth because of it, and the love I get from all my new virtual friends.
I want my kids to be able to go back and read this blog when they are older and be able to relate to their mom.
It's hard to imagine your mom as anything more than their role as a mom, so I think this is a good way for them to go back and get to know me and know more about life when they were younger.
And the hell that they put me through during their teenage years.

But it does make me nervous.
I've recently seen other bloggers questioning this public outlet.
And it makes me wonder.
Do you make everything private?
And only let people that comment all the time read your stuff?
But then wouldn't I miss out on meeting more new people?
Can you avoid people leaving hateful comments?
Probably not. Haters are everywhere. No one understands why anyone would read a blog of someone that they don't like...but I know it happens.

I know I'll continue to blog...I just wish blogger would allow us to block certain people. The world would be a better place.

So, I want to know, how do you feel about this? Does it make you nervous to blog? Or do you even think about it? Do you care that any random Joe could know everything about you?

I should warn you that this post may or may not have stemmed from me going to watch the movie Identity Thief last night. haha which is a GREAT movie, by the way.

Happy Tuesday everybody! Now get to commenting so I can hear your thoughts. :)
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Feb 11, 2013

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up

FH married a Grandma.
He didn't realize it.
But then, this happened.
And now I can barely walk.
My legs keep giving out on me and it is not fun.
Even worse is that I'm going to an abs and strength class tonight which I refuse to miss.....but it's really hard to work out when you can barely get up from a sitting position.
Surely my legs can't be that tired.
I mean, I only made you run 6 miles, there are people out there that run lots more than that!

That time just has to be documented because you should know that my goal was 1 hour and 15 minutes. And I beat that by 10 minutes.
But all I could think about was how when I do my half in April, I will only be halfway done with the race at this time.
I'll be on bed rest for months after that.

Also, I forgot to tell y'all something hilarious that happened while I was running. So, you know, we were running in the streets.
Well, there I was minding my business when I heard squealing tires and horrible brakes and I just knew I was going to die.
I ran up on the sidewalk and looked around to see how many casualties there were.
I didn't see anything.
And then I realize that the sqealing car and screeching brakes came from the song that I was listening to.
Crisis averted.
I can only imagine what the people running behind me thought of this.

Before the race we looked like this:
And then after the race we looked like this:

And next time, our blate will consist of more dancing and eating and less running. Or actually maybe not, this was pretty dang fun.

Now I can't wait until my next run.
I guess I will at least have to wait until I can walk again.
Details, details.

Oh and I was really mad when I crossed the finish line and didn't win any money. Apparently my daughter made this part up when she drew her picture of me crossing the finish line.

You can imagine my thoughts on no money.
There were bagels though, which I thought were doughnuts.
I'm pretty sure I might be the only fat kid there that was hoping for doughnuts. I felt like we all deserved them.

Hope everybody had a great weekend. I'm pretty sure I blew my diet on Saturday and Sunday just because I was still celebrating my run. I should learn not to do that.

But before you go, could you do me a favor?
Head over to my friend Erin's blog and show her some love.
She got some bad news recently and I know she could use some extra encouraging words. :)

Hope everybody has a Happy Monday!!!

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Feb 9, 2013

10K Thoughts- Inside my Head

The 5K is starting, maybe I should have signed up for it instead.
I'm freezing.
Why are some people in shorts...it's 38-ish degrees.
Should I wear gloves?
Should I carry a water bottle.
Race starts.

Don't fall, don't trip.
Start your watch.
Start music.
Put gloves on.
Don't go too fast, you will kill yourself before the end.
Wait, what is this?
A hill? On the first mile?
Where's Laura? Where's Meredith?
I knew they were fast but I don't even see them anymore.
Oh, there's my cousin. She's a super duper great runner so as long as I can see her, I'm doing well.
Cars are ZOOMING by.
I can only imagine how mad they are that they are being stopped on a green light.

Mile 2.
Okay, still a great pace.
I can see my cousin still.
Average pace is around 9:30.
Who am I?
I never run this fast.
I can't feel my feet it's so cold.
No, but really my feet are numb.
Don't stop, get it get it.
Think about the blog post I'm gonna write when I get done with this.
Think about crossing the finish line.
Quitting is not an option.
Quitting is not an option.
Why is there a little girl running?
She must be like K&A's age.
And why is she passing me?
There's another kid.
A boy around 12....of course he's fast too.
Water. Don't slow down, just drink it while running.
Water up my nose, I'm going to drown.

Mile 3.
If this were a 5K, I'd be almost done.
Instead I'm almost halfway.
Pregnant lady passes me.
Keep running, keep running.
I'm getting hot now.
Still can't feel my legs. But I'm getting use to them being numb.
Why are so many people passing me?
I'm maintaining my same pace, why do they have so much energy?
I should have started in the back so that I could at least pass a few people.
A cute little blonde who has a hair bow in passes me.
A girl with the sickest figure ever passes me, and she is barely breathing heavy.
A guy in man-leggings passes me.

Mile 4.
Only 2 miles left.
My back hurts.
Maybe I'm pregnant.
I'm alone.
Seriously, am I last??
**Turns back to look**
No, there are tons of people back there.
I guess I'm just slower than the fast people but faster than the slow people.
At least I'm not last.

Mile 5.
An old lady passes me.
She must be at least 100.
And she looks like she has been running for at least 95 years.
A girl in a tutu passes me.
But she has on a running shirt, so that means she runs a lot, right?
That makes it okay.
A couple passes me. The girl is wearing a fleece vest, seriously?
I'm dying.
And sweating.
I'm holding my gloves in my hands, my headband is around my neck.
And I swear if it didn't slow me down, I would take my shirt off.
The guy that passes has on a shirt that says Marathon on it.
He ran a marathon?
That must mean I'm hanging with some big dogs, right?
I got this.

Mile 6.
Oh crap, I thought I was only running 6.
Duh Lora, a 5K is 3.12 miles so of course a 10K isn't only 6.
Maybe you should have googled how many miles it was before signing up.
Almost there.
Another hill? Holy crap there are a lot of heels.
Run hard.
Think about posting your time on IG.
You do NOT want it to be over 1 hour, 15 minutes.
That is my goal, nothing over.
I can see the finish line.
I did it, I'm doing it.

Stop watch.
Stop running.
I can't feel my legs.
My back hurts.
My feet hurt.
But I did it.

1 hour, 5 minutes.
10:30 average pace.
Better than expected.

And now, I'm going to find a sticker for a 10K.
Cause what good is running a race and not getting a sticker?
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Feb 8, 2013

Burnt Toast

It's Friday!
This week is toast if we can get through the next 8 hours.

Burnt cinnamon toast to be exact. Which is what Kate made for her breakfast this morning.
{See what I did there?}

Let's link up here and do some Friday letters, shall we?
Dear work, I'm tired of doing you. (twss) Work is seriously getting in the way of my social life and it needs to stop. Dear MFP challengers, I JUST realized this morning that today was suppose to be my MFP 5 week challenge link up....but since I just remembered, it AIN'T happening. You should know that I weighed this morning though and I am down 2 lbs in 2 days! Now, if only I can keep it off during the weekend. Dear FH, I'm super excited that you surprised me this morning by leaving some Dove chocolate in the car for me, but it was slightly laughable when you said "Don't eat the whole thing at once!" Do people actually eat half of a candy bar? I've never heard of such a ludicrous thought.

cookies and cream get in my belly!

Dear Laura and Meredith, I'm super excited {and nervous} about our blate tomorrow. But most first blates involve beer, chips, and salsa and ours involves a 10K...I'm thinking we might should have planned this out better. Dear self, if you could please stop dressing like a college student for work, that would be great. I know it's comfty and all, but it makes it a LITTLE bit awkward when you get called into a surprise meeting with the Director of the Finance Center. Although, I'm sure they are proud that you support the Tigers on a daily basis.

Bathroom selfie. Diet Dr K included. {Why the crap do I always look surprised? I'm the one taking the dang picture so you know I was expecting it. Washing hair not required.

Dear paycheck this week, I love you. Thanks for being bigger than normal thanks to finally getting my raise this month. I'll make sure I show you some love by spending you like you're burning a hole in my pocket. Dear Cupid, can I treat you like Santa Claus? If so, all I want for valentines day is this or this and maybe some more Dove chocolate as seen above. Don't worry, I already told FH too just in case you drop the bomb and forget to do your job.
Dear school, please don't ask children if they want to go home for the day just because they kinda think their stomach might hurt. It creates a problem when I leave work early to come pick them up, they watch a movie...and then decide that they want to go outside to play because they feel all better. I'm talking to you Kate.
Dear new followers, I'm so glad you came to my little neck of the woods internet. Make sure you leave me a comment to say hello. Hope that you stay awhile.

Dear friends, Happy Freaking Friday!!!!!!
Please say a tiny prayer that I survive tomorrow. My poor extra large legs don't always cooperate. And feel free to yell for me on IG, you know I'll be on there at least eleventy billion times. (@MrsLoYoung)
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Feb 7, 2013

Laura Ingalls Wilder and Tiger Football

Somehow, I managed to get up at 4:30 this morning, work out for an hour, shower and get everything ready and get to work by 6:35.
Not sure how, but I did.
And I feel great!

I love working out in the mornings.
It really gets my days going the right way and it makes me on point the entire day.
I am forcing myself to get back in this habit.

Somewhere along the way of reading blogs yesterday, I got in superwoman mode. I read several blogs where the girls were doing awesome losing weight, I read one where the girl WAS at the weight I am now so that hit close to home, and I read one where the girl talked about not just doing "just enough".
So yeah, I'm super charged and ready to get after it.

Today at school, the girls have to dress like a character.
They had to read a biography, write a summary that was so not fun to help with, and dress up as the person today to tell the class about what they read.

Alex is Laura Ingalls Wilder.
This is fun because I was actually named after her.
Except I'm Lora not Laura.
And it absolutely positively drives me NUTS when people call me Laura. Note to self if we ever blate.
Alex's Nana spent forever making her a bonnet and an apron.
Which is great because I can do a lot of things,
but sewing sure isn't one of them.
She had the outfit right down to the ugly shoes and knee socks.
I'm pretty proud of her outfit.

{Even though I'm pretty sure Laura never wore a dress from Lands End.}

Kate chose Annie Oakley.
Which was good for her because Annie was a tomboy.
Yes, I freaking read BOTH books so I could make sure their summaries were good. Good thing I'm a super fast reader.
And Kate is a MAJOR tomboy.
I can't imagine where she gets that from.
Her costume was a little simpler.
She had a bandana, but wouldn't wear it.
She needed to carry her BB gun to complete the outfit, but I was pretty sure that the school might frown upon that.
The funny part about Kate is that she hates when I take her picture.
It's always a painful look that I get.
And I can't wait to show these to future boyfriends.
But, amazingly, when she takes a pic of herself and puts it on her Instagram she LOVES smiling/duck facing it up.
{Yes, my kids have IG. Yes, I follow them closely and they are private and they aren't allowed to be friends with anyone that they don't know. And no, I told them they COULD NOT follow me on there. :) }

This pic is the painful one she took for me.
Just look at that pitiful face!

And this was the best out of like 5.

And this is her pic that she posted on Instagram.

Too cool for school.
Anyone notice a difference??

In other random news, FH brought me home a prize this morning.
Well, he also brought me home a Red Bull, the man knows me well.

So, as a kid, I slept with a stuffed football.
I'm not even playing.
No dolls, no teddy bears, this girl slept with a football. ALWAYS.
I still have it actually.
Well, FH saw this football and thought of me.
I'm pretty sure he spent an absurd amount of money winning it for me from one of the claw machines.
He said that he has been trying to win it for weeks.
And finally got it today.
I LOVE the Tigers!
Who needs flowers when you get gifts like this?!

Who knew you could blog about Laura Ingalls Wilder, Annie Oakley, and Tiger football all in one post?

Also, I'm 4 followers away from 400!! I'm really excited about this...so if you have 4 people that you could send my way, that would be GREAT! :)

That's all I got for today.

Happy Thursday everybody!
So excited that we are on the downward slope towards the weekend. :)
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