Jan 30, 2013

I'm a Runner, HOLLA!

You know what I realized tonight?
I'm a runner.
No, I'm not fast.
No, I can't run far yet.
But I AM a runner.
Want to know why?
Because my legs hurt...and instead of appreciating this break from sweating, it is killing me.
Straight up KILLING me.
I need to sweat.
I need to burn.
I need to run.
Don't get my wrong,
I love to be lazy.
And I'm lazy pretty often.
I've been sick for 3 days.
I can't breath through my nose
{disgusting, I know}
but all I can think about is WHEN CAN I RUN?
Who am I??
I'm not even sure anymore...but I know that I love running.
I love how I can be having the worst day ever and then when I go pound some pavement, it makes me feel better.
Listening to music, thinking about goals, analyzing how I am going to accomplish those goals, motivating myself, imagining how I am going to post a fast pace on IG, and just having time to think.
Running is my jam.
I've always loved sports.
I mean LOVED sports.
In high school, I played volleyball, basketball, softball, and tennis.
I even cheered once or twice but only so I could ride the bus to football games.
I was always active, it was like breathing to me.
Then came college.
I still played sports, I was still active.....
but after college, I lost myself.
I became a Mom, a wife, a student again, and I lost myself.
It wasn't about me. Ever.
I'm still a mom and a wife and now a career woman....and it's SO EASY as a mom to lose yourself.
To not make time for yourself.
To do that load of laundry or those dishes instead of going for a run.
To sweep the floor instead of making it to that class at the gym.
For one rest day to turn into months.
If making you happy leaves a few dishes in the sink, who cares?
I'm teaching my kids that it's good to be active.
My kids may not have a mom that fits into a size 4 jeans, but they know that Mom runs and goes to the gym and pays attention to calories.
They are learning from me.
And when I run, I'm happier.
Which makes me a better mom.
Isn't that what we all want to be anyways?
I have my first 10K next Saturday.
I should be scared.
I should be worried about not finishing....
but instead, all I can think about is making sure I can breath through my nose by then so that I can run.
I don't need a pair of high heels to make me feel like a woman, my running shoes make me feel like Superwoman and I don't even have to remove my cape when I get home to do the Mom gig.
Are you a runner?
Do you even realize it yet?
Or are you just starting out?
I read an interesting blog post here that some of you might enjoy reading...just thought I would share.
Here's to hoping I am back to rockstar status and can run soon!

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Jan 23, 2013

Why Doesn't the Toothfairy have PayPal?

So, this happened last night.
You know, because if I forgot I would get the mom of the year award.
And I'm not gonna say it's never happened.
There was this one time at band camp when one of the girls came running in my room to tell me that the toothfairy didn't come.
Luckily, I had a $1 right beside my bed so I wouldn't forget. FAIL.
So I slipped that bad boy under my pillow real slick-like and pulled it out and said "Oh look, that silly toothfairy put it in here. Must be because you come get in my bed sometimes."
She totally bought it.
Mission accomplished.
Luckily she was like 5 then.
The girls haven't lost a tooth in a LONG time so I knew I might forget.
I didn't though....thanks to my alarm.

That dang tooth fairy. Gets all the credit.
Just like Santa.
Do you know how lucky it was that I actually had a dollar?!
Who carries cash nowadays?
And then, the tooth fairy didn't even get any credit.....Alex said "it was raining dolla bills and one landed on my pillow"
Cause it's normal for a 9 year old to say "dolla" right?

at least she learned at a young age that you should never let anyone take a pic of you when you first roll outta bed

Wanna know what else happened yesterday?
Let's pretend like the answer is yes.
This happened:
I registered for my first 10K.
And I'm really scared.
I can appreciate the fact that it says "run/walk" so I won't feel so bad when I have to walk some.
I'm also super excited about it.....except for the fact that it is in Feb, like the beginning of Feb.
What was I thinking?!
This happened yesterday too:

half marathon training y'all!!

I haven't gotten very fast yet, I'm still working on that part.
But I have gotten where I can run farther without stopping and where I'm not DYING when I get done.
So, that's something.

Also, today is 3 weeks straight of me working out every day.
Now, before you jump on me and tell me I need a rest day...you should know that I have had rest days. Or at least my version of them.
I don't run every day. I don't do anything every day. I switch it up.
I have to, or else I get really bored.
I've even found myself not loving the elliptical lately....which is just crazy. So I'm trying to keep it interesting and do different things.
And on rest days, I just walk. Slow and easy but enough to still burn calories...I never knew burning calories was like a drug.
Now, I have to do it every day or I feel lost.

And now......what you have been waiting for......probably not, but let's pretend.
Weigh In Wednesday.
***can I get a drum roll please??**
No, you cannot get a drum roll....1 lb does not deserve a drum roll.
Kidding. Kind of.
So, I only lost 1 lb this week...but at least it's a lb in the right direction.
I could have done better. I could have skipped a few food items and not eaten them JUST BECAUSE I had the calories left.
I think I am most bummed about this because I was down 2 lbs on like Sunday and somehow I managed to gain 1 of those back.
Such is life.
I'm still excited that I am sticking with my program...I mean, really, 3 weeks! I have never stuck to any kind of weight loss program that long. For that, I am proud.

Can't wait to read how everyone else is doing....follow the button to read more stories!

Happy Wednesday Y'all.
And in case you were wondering, NO, I haven't figured out the internet at my house yet. Slice my eyeball open with a rusty butterknife. It's really starting to make me mad.
Today, I'm gonna have K&A look at it and see if they can figure it out.

See y'all tomorrow....or again later today if I get bored. :)
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Jan 22, 2013

You Know those Back Rolls You Have......

Let me tell y'all about how I am co-hosting Tell Me About It Tuesday with Helene and Emily....I'm really excited about this!

I have watched this linkup grow SOOO quickly and it's always fun to join in on.

Helene in Between
First up, let me tell you about how I was suppose to post this blog last night but I couldn't get my internet working. Yep, I was gettin' all fancy and finally getting the world wide web at my house. Try not to laugh at how behind I am. And then, the guy finished and left, and I tried to get on my laptop and nothing happened.
I mean, you would think a guy dressed so professionally would have been more helpful, wouldn't you??
Don't act like you are shocked that I took a pic....I am a blogger after all.
Next, let me tell you about how I did a little a ton of shopping this weekend. I'm really proud of myself because not once BUT TWICE I had a pair of new jeans in my hands and I put them back....because let's be honest, I'm shrinking and I don't need to buy any new jeans right now. Not to mention I have at least 400 pairs of all sizes at my house. I, instead, bought lots of workout-related stuff.
And speaking of workout-related stuff, y'all I cannot move today. I did this video:

on Sunday.....and today is Tuesday and I'm still walking like a pregnant lady. I didn't think it was that tough while I was doing it.....but waking up the next morning and rolling out of bed was a HUGE challenge. HUGE!!! I have to run today and it is going to be a challenge....but I'll manage. Hopefully.

Last, but not least, let me tell you about my husband.
Y'all I laughed so hard that I cried with this one.
So, we all know I love my husband dearly.
Like for real, he is the greatest man I know.
And unless you are new here, you know that I have been working hard on my fitness.
Well, FH is always the first to tell me if he can tell that I am looking thinner. He sees how hard I am working and is my #1 fan.
He is extrememly supportive....but God bless him, it's really hard to tell a woman that she looks skinnier.
You know what I mean?
Us women, God bless us, we love compliments...but you know at the back of your head when someone tells you that you look good, you are wondering what the crap you looked like before?!
It's a natural thing for a girl....to critique compliments and see bad in them.
Well, the other night, FH came running into the bedroom. He was grinning real big and had his phone in his hand.
Like me, FH follows a lot of workout people/pages on his phone.
Of course he mainly looks at how dudes get beefed up and I mainly look at how chicks slim down, but still.....
So, he showed me this before/after pic of a young boy who completed this 24 day challenge......the pic was of the boy from the back.
It said he had lost 13 lbs or something like that.....I was impressed but kinda wondering....okay, who cares?! I'm not gonna do this 24 hour challenge, I'm sticking with MFP, but thanks for showing me.
Then, it happens.
Word vomit.
I should mention that FH had had a beer or two, that makes it funnier.
You know how we all have word vomit after we get liquid courage?

FH said, {please note, I can't remember the exact words, so FH don't be mad if I put words into your mouth, I just remember around about what you said} "so you see those back rolls that he had?"
Me: "ummm, yeah"
FH: "well, umm, I notice lately that yours aren't as bad as they use to be. since you are getting thinner."
Me: {laughing}
FH: "this is why I kept my mouth shut because there's no good way to tell you this compliment, but you know, those rolls, there aren't as many as there were before....."

this convo continues several minutes as he tries to explain himself and I try to stop laughing. I laugh so I don't cry.

Bless his heart. That's what we say in the south when we really want to cuss someone.
I can appreciate the fact that he was complimenting me.
But honestly, now I'm wondering just how many fat rolls I have back there behind me.....and how many did I have before?
Should it be a weight loss measuring tool to count those?

Oh, I'm just grossing myself out now.
Maybe I should have warned you skinny people that you wouldn't find this funny.....oh well.
That's what you get for being skinny....life is tough.

And now, I'll continue to work on that back fat that I didn't even realize I had and hopefully I'll get another amazing compliment soon.

How was your weekend? Did you work on your fitness? Did you go shopping? Were you one of the unfortunate ones that had to work yesterday??

Also, if you haven't emailed me yet to tell me what you are providing for my giveaway, make sure you do so! I am a little behind on putting this together, {you can thank the guy above in camo} but seriously, so far I have lots of people joining in so this should be a fun giveaway if I can ever get it together.

Happy Tuesday Y'all!!!

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Jan 14, 2013

Well Ya See What Happened Was.....

It's Monday.
Get excited.
I was going to do my normal weekend update this morning.
But then I realized that I can't really even remember what we did Friday night. It seems like it was a long time ago.
So, instead, I'm going to tell you about a problem that I have.
I know I told myself I wouldn't get TOO PERSONAL on this blog....
but well, sometimes it happens.
If you aren't ready to read about my personal problems, then you should probably just skip this post.

Okay, are you ready?
{Should I be worried about the sanity of you people wanting to read about my problems?? Probably not, I'm nosy too....}

I have....wait for it....this problem.
It's difficult to deal with and I have to figure out ways around it EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND.
It's not something to be taken lightly, y'all.
Unless you have been there, you won't understand.

Some of you might have heard of similar stories....
but at my house, living with me on a daily basis, I have
a husband that wants to eat out every single meal of every single weekend.
I kid you not.

For real.

We wake up and he's all "Where you want to eat breakfast?"
Even if I've already been at the gym for 2 hours working out that morning while he was snoozing.
Then, while we are mid-breakfast-stuffing-face, he will say "So, where can we eat lunch?"
He plans dinners out during the week.
I know he does.
He googles high calorie restraunts and will plant cravings in my mind.
Then he acts all sweet and helps me figure out what low cal food I can order so I can stay under my goal.
He's even gone so far as to say "Come on, you can run around the block when we get home to gain more calories."

sauce boss

Last night, we went to the grocery.
Got tons of great food, spent lots of money.
As we were unloading the groceries, he said "So, you want to go eat Mexican?"
I told y'all it was a problem.

He claims that we eat "from our kitchen" all week so we shouldn't during the weekend.

He is right about that part.
I don't go anywhere during the week.
For real, my Mom hammered it into my mind so well when I was younger that even when the girls aren't home, I'll be like "No, we can't do that, it's a school night."
Please don't ever ask me to go anywhere with you during the week {unless it's the gym} because 9.5 times out of 10, I'm not going to come.

So, we eat out all weekend.
There is a bright side to this story though, I finally got him to quit making cookies every single night, and the people at the yogurt place don't know our names anymore.
Baby steps.

I dream of the day that we can eat our own food during the weekend.
Maybe, just maybe, one day this will happen.

Please note, FH does actually work around my "lifestyle change" of eating and is very helpful and supportive. No husbands were harmed in the making of this blog.

In other news, I got my new watch!!!
And I love it!
Totally worth the money.
Not to mention, I spent half the weekend in the gym.
So that's like 50% gym, 50% random restraunts.

There's your weekend update.

Hope everybody had a happy weekend! Happy Monday!!
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Jan 11, 2013

How Did I End Up Here?

I'm gonna be honest.
I wasn't going to blog today.
I just wasn't feeling it and I didn't want to just babble about nothing which is actually what I normally do anyways.
I was going to catch up on reading other blogs.
Every once in awhile I go into major stalker mode and read millions of new blogs. You never know who you will meet or how they will affect your life. So, that was my plan for today. Oh and working too, obviously.

But then came this post.
I'm not an emotional person.
I never have been.
I'm not a hugger. I'm not gushy except with FH. And I'm def not a crier (and I don't even know how to spell it....).
But that post took me back.

Back to the day when I had to move out of my home.
The home I had known for 5 years.
The home that I had raised my kids in.
The home I spent COUNTLESS nights alone in.
The home that I thought was mine.
And moved into my dad's house log cabin up in the woods.

I was scared.
I wasn't even close to my dad.
I had my sister call my dad to ask her if the girls and I could move in.
Cause I was too chicken.
And too embarassed.
How's that for being a grownup?
Oh, and his driveway was straight up hill and gravel so I was scared to drive on it. And I'm DEATHLY afraid of mice. And log cabins in the woods have mice, y'all.
But I figured that living with country mice had to be better than living with a husband rat.
So I did it.
And my ex? He helped me move by throwing ALL of my clothes into the front yard. Wasn't that helpful?

The point of this post isn't to tell you how hard I had it.
I don't think I had it hard.
I had no idea how miserable I was until I found out what a real marriage was like. What it felt like to be loved back. What it felt like to not walk on egg shells just so you don't end up in a huge fight.
Now I know. Now I know what potential life has.
But I wouldn't know had I not gone through all that.
I wouldn't appreciate FH for simple tiny things.
Like stopping by the store at 5AM just to buy me a Red Bull.
Or telling me not to worry about the dishes, that he'll do them while I'm at the gym.
I wouldn't realize how good I have it now, and I would take him for granted.

The point of this post is actually me, just thinking out loud.
That's why the thoughts are so scattered. Sorry.
How did I end up here?
When did I become so flippin' happy?
What did I do in my "first life" as a desperate housewife to deserve this amazing life I have today?
Did karma really just hand me a slice of heaven because of all I went through?

I think you have to make big decisions for yourself.
You have to take action to make yourself happy.
When I was living at my Dad's house, I took that opportunity to go BACK to school and get a second degree.
I switched jobs so I could be closer to home.
And that meant a pay cut. A substantial one. But it had good potential.
Sometimes you have to make sacrifices now to benefit later.
{Best decision I ever made. besides marrying FH of course}
Did I want to change everything and go back to school? No. But I knew I could support my kids if I did.
And honestly, I needed to be busy to distract myself.
Then came school and a job and single parenthood.
And tears.
Cause waking up at 5 to do homework isn't fun.
And it isn't easy.

I had a blog back in the day that absolutely no one read.
This post goes to show that life wasn't easy.
Just simple things that I had to do on my own.

I met FH and fell in love.
He was too good to be true.
He still is.
I hung out with my friends. I enjoyed my kids.
I got closer to God.
I enjoyed life.

And slowly, but surely, I moved on.
I even developed a better life.
I love my job now.
I bought my own house.
I still can't believe that.
I honestly wanted to put a sign up on my front porch that said SCREW YOU, MY HOUSE IS BIGGER AND NICER AND I DID IT ALL ON MY OWN.
You know, just because I can.
But the funny thing is, once I got to that point.
The point in life where I was able to throw up a middle finger at my past...I didn't care to.
They say that love and hate are both strong emotions. Both mean you at least care.
I never thought I would get to a point where I didn't care at all.
But the opposite of love and hate are indifference.
And that's what I am towards that life now, indifferent.
I couldn't care less about anything but my present.

Some days little things will remind me of that life.
I won't every forget it cause I'm still Jenny from the block.
Every time that I don't have to scrape ice off my car because it's in the garage, I appreciate it.
Every time that I drive down my nice, paved, flat driveway, I appreciate it.
Every time that I see my kids running around in our backyard, I appreciate it.
Every time that I get a kiss from my husband, a helping hand, a motivational conversation, I appreciate it.
And I always will.

The past truly makes you the person that you are now.
Live it. Learn from it. And don't dwell on it. And then, do what you can to make the future exactly what you want it to be.

I'm no expert, just a girl that's been there but still managed to find love and happiness. It's never to late to find your "happily ever after".

Happy Friday y'all! I promise to be back with my normal nonsense on Monday since this was a little deep. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Jan 10, 2013

Nobody Wants to be the Bad Guy

Yesterday, after the gym, all I wanted to do was go home and do this:
Face plant on the couch and not get up until morning.

But in case you haven't heard, I'm a mom so this isn't possible.
So even if I get home from the gym at 6ish, I still have to rush to make dinner and do homework, baths, etc.
I swear I really freaking wonder how some moms have time to go to the gym for more than an hour a night and still get everything done.....

Luckily I have a husband who helps with everything or I would go nuts. BUT K&A seriously think they should eat dinner at like 4:30.

What time do most people eat dinner?
I feel like I get off work way earlier than most people (I get off at 3 normally, but only because I get to work at 6:30) so other people must be cooking dinner later for their families than we do.
But even if the girls have a snack after school, they continue to whine until dinner. Drives me nuts.

Speaking of whining....
Lately I feel like all I do is put on my Mean Mom Pants and I hate those dang pants! Granted, since the girls were away for about 2 weeks, they are still detoxing. Seriously, I understand how teachers feel when kids get back from Christmas break and forgot every single thing their teacher taught them.

It's like they forgot what yes ma'am and yes sir was.
If I hear one more "YEAH" I'm gonna have some grounded kids.

Please and Thank You are not automatic AND THEY TOTALLY SHOULD BE.

Making their bed every morning, making sure their room is clean, and BRUSHING THEIR FREAKING TEETH is something I have to remind them to do now. When I had them perfectly trained on routine before vacation.

It's like all that parenting went down the drain.

Oh, and when they got home, Alex wanted me to help her wash her hair. And do everything else to "help" her.
I asked her who helped her when she was out of town? And if she whined when she was out of town....she told me "No, because I didn't have anybody to whine to...."

Thanks child. I appreciate you holding all your whining in for me.
You shouldn't have. No but really.

The other battle that goes down in our house.
You see, in order for me to get to work so early, I walk out the door like right after the girls wake up. FH is there so no, they aren't all alone.
The girls hate this.
They hate carpool but only in the morning.
They love it in the afternoon when they get to have their BFF over for about 3 hours to play.
But they hate the mornings.
It probably has something to do with the fact that I hurry them up to get ready in the morning and then they still have almost an hour before they are picked up.
And poor Janessa.
If she is one minute late of her normal time, the girls are calling me thinking that she forgot them.
Like this morning, I missed a phone call and had a message that said this:

"Mom, Miss Janessa usually gets here at 7:20 and it's 7:24 now. Thanks, Love you, Bye"

So yeah, they notice if she is 4 minutes late. Even though that's not even late because they don't have to be at school until 7:50.

I hate leaving the girls in the morning when they are whining.
Which is at least every other day.
Are you starting to see a trend here?
I've got some whiny kids....but they get it honest.
My brother and sister nicknamed me "whiney hiney" when I was little.
aka WH.
I would cry for hours when they called me this.

When the girls are whining and I leave, I feel like the worst mom ever.
I also feel like the worst wife ever becuase FH has to try to go to sleep while they are whining. And he is tired y'all. Especially after working all night in the rain, like he did last night.

This makes me feel like a bad guy.
And I don't want to be the bad guy.
I want to tell my kids that yes, they can eat 100 Oreos even though dinner is almost ready.
I want to let them ride their electric scooter out in the rain.
I want to say it's okay if they don't want to go to school, they can stay home. Or they don't have to wear their school uniform. Or that yes, they can have every single super expensive new gadget that you ask for. And no, you don't have to brush your teeth, or take a bath.
I want to hug them instead of spank them.
I want them to watch whatever they want on TV.

But I can't.
Because I'm their mom.
Not their BFF.
And I'm not here to let them do whatever they want.
I'm here to teach them right from wrong.
And sometimes I have to be the bad guy.
One day they will appreciate it. They better.
I know I appreciate my "bad" Mom a million times over now that I'm a grownup.

And for days when I feel like the bad guy, I always have this guy to make it better:

And that text, my friends, is worth more than gold.

"The days are long but the years are short."
No better words have ever been spoken about parenthood.

Happy Thursday Y'all!!!

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Jan 8, 2013

That's Just my Baby (Step) Daddy

It's Tell Me About It Tuesday.
So let me tell you about my baby (step) daddy....

Helene in Between

Let's be real.
Dating as a single mom is non existant.
And scary.
You have to find a man that will love you and who will love your kids.
Who accepts you as a package.
Who can deal with seeing you only every other weekend until he meets your kids.

When I was single, I didn't date much.
I took the opportunity to do one million and one girls' nights.
Sure, we were interested in guys and that's pretty much all we talked about....but I knew what it was like to be married. And I knew the main thing I missed during that time was hanging with girlfriends.
And honestly, hanging out with friends was what I was interested in most.
I was SO LUCKY that almost 85% of my friends were single at the time I was. Boy did we have fun.

When I met FH, I knew he was the one.
I named him FH on about our second date.
{FH=Future Husband}
But our schedules were crazy busy.
I was a single mom, worked basically a full time job, and I was in school. So yeah, there was no time.
Oh, and he had two jobs, one of which was at night.
We would see each other every other weekend since I didn't want to introduce him to the girls right away.
And it was hard.
We missed each other.
But we fell in love this way, and it's so easy to get to know one another, like inside and out, when all you can do is talk.
I bet we sent millions of texts the first couple of months.
Long texts.
And had long phone calls.

I was SO NERVOUS when I introduced FH to K&A.
Let's be honest, I knew I was introducing them to their future stepdad.
And he was the first guy that I ever introduced them to.
They were young and I had no idea how they would take it.

The first time I told them I had a boyfriend was because there were a dozen roses that I had to explain.
They soon asked me if he was Chinese.
I had no idea why....but later found out it was because he slept during the day and worked at night, and they know that "China people" had daytime during our nighttime....pretty smart thinking actually.

Needless to say, the girls grew to love him as much as I loved him.
And FH, well, he knocked it out of the ballpark.
When I say this man is amazing, the word just doesn't do him justice.
He has patience with the girls when I want to pull my hair out.
He helps them with homework when I would rather just do the homework myself.
He is EVERYTHING that I could have asked for in a man, a husband, and a stepdad.

He teaches the girls things that they wouldn't know if they were just living with their dear ole Mom.

Like how to grill...

Thank goodness they can cook for me now.

And how to cut the grass...

How to sit down and cuddle.....

How to fish....

And how to just have fun in general....

He introduced Alex to sushi...and that NEVER would have happened if it were up to me...

He has patience to say yes when they want to help, even if it makes the task take a lot longer with their "help"....

He taught them to shoot guns and celebrated when they killed a can dead. Taught them about gun safety and stood in the freezing weather with them so I could take pictures from inside....

FH is definately the best step dad that I could have EVER asked for my kids to have.
The best husband, the best friend.
I don't know what I would do without this man.

And I hope I never have to find out.

PS Alex loves her stepdad so much that last night, in Walgreens, I spotted her checking out the Rogaine. She told me "let me look at this stuff, Michael could use it!"

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Jan 7, 2013

Where Do Babies Really Come From?

First, I wanted to start off by saying that if you discovered this post because you googled the above title, you should probably move along to your other results because there will be no informative reading going on 'round these parts.

Now, if you're still with me....Hi.

My girls are back home.
They have been out of town with family for about 2 weeks now.
And thank goodness they are home.
I can only blog about my workouts and My Fitness Pal so much....
but K&A, well, they provide me with blogging material every day.

Speaking of which...

I walked in on a conversation they were having yesterday.
And it went something like this:

Kate: "How can she have a baby, she's not even married?"
Because when you have important life questions such as this, you should ALWAYS ask your sister. Who is 9 minutes younger than you.
Alex: "You don't have to be married to have a baby, Kate. You're just SUPPOSE to be."
**in walks Mom (me)**
Kate: "How do you even have a baby anyway?"
Me: Turns around, runs away. "Whaaaaaatttttt??"
Alex: "I know."
Me: "Oh really? You do?" {saying silent prayer cause if she really knows then I might just cry}
Alex: "Yeah, but I can't tell."
Me: "No, please tell us what you know." {still praying.}
Alex: "You know that pad that girls have to wear? Well, if you don't wear it, then you'll have a baby."
Me: "Oh, okay. Well having a baby is something you will learn about when you are MUCH OLDER so let's not worry about that right now. And yes, you do need to be married first."

Subject closed.
For now.

I am so not ready for this.
Like, at all.
Can I just rent them a sex ed video in a couple of years and let them learn that way?
Or lock them in a closet?
Lord knows I'm not sending them to their dad for that talk.

Speaking of their dad, FH and I kinda interrupted a date he was on this weekend.
We were all 4 sitting at the same bar.
I'm really surprised this hasn't happened sooner since we live in a small town but I'm pretty sure most of his dates aren't old enough to sit at the bar.
It was kinda hilarious.
3 years ago, this would have been a tragedy.
Now, it's just funny.
I'm happily married so why would my ex or his date bother me?
I'm pretty sure it was more awkward for him.

In other news, I was at the gym this morning at 5 AM.
Who's proud?
I also have stayed within my calorie count on MFP every single day since I started....ok, so it's only been about a week or so, but that's totally not the point.
I think I've finally got it.
And I think I'm finally going to start seeing results.
And I have finally learned to distract myself from Operation Baby at least for a little while.
I'm sure you heard the announcement that Channing Tatum is going to be a dad.
And I'm sorry to say that (in my best Maury voice) "I am NOT the mother." Even though I know you all thought that I was.

Channing Tatum ain't got nothing on FH though.
{Does that make it better than I mention CT's baby FH? I hope so.}

I'm ready to kick this week off with a bang this Monday.
I'm feeling good and ready to go....even if I do pass out at like 8 o'clock tonight. 60 minutes on the elliptical at 5AM will do that to ya.

Happy Monday Y'all! Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)

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Jan 3, 2013

Facebook for Fat Kids

I love technology.
I love having friends in all different area codes.
I love facestalking. Well not as much as I use to but I still check facebook at least once a day compared to 50 times a day in the past.
I'm kinda over facebook though.
Something about everyone and their Grandma being on there.

I want my life semi-private y'all which is why I blog about 95% of it.

I check Instagram A LOT.
I have made tons of friends on there and we help motivate each other, laugh at each other, and plan to hang out somewhere, sometime without playing on an app.
The problem with IG is that not everyone is on there for the same reasons. My friends that don't blog want to know what the heck WIDN (what I'm doing now) means and why the heck anyone cares.
If you don't blog, you just don't get all the retarded everyday stuff that we put on there.
Blogging puts you in a gang, and our colors are chevron.

Most of the bloggers that I follow/have become friends with are all about working out, eating healthy, and getting in shape.
So what's perfect for us?
Insert MyFitnessPal here.
Only the coolest thing since thin sliced bagels. {Have you had those btw? Amazing little bagel without all the extra bread.}

So I have read a TON of blogs where they SWORE by this app.
They all said that they lost weight simply by following the app.
But I was never a believer.
I got the app forever ago but never followed it.
In fact, I won't even tell you how much weight I have gained since I first got the app....and I'm scared to update it because I don't want it to say that I gained such and such pounds.

It's like weight watchers, except it's free.
And you don't have to calculate any points.
You just search for the food you ate and enter it in.
And everything you could possibly eat is listed, included name brand so the calorie count is dead on.
You can even update your status and comment on people's stuff.
And enter in your workout for the day to gain more calories.
It's kind of like a facebook for fat kids.
And I love it.

No, I did not get paid to promote this app.
I just think it's amazing and so I wanted to share.
Cause we are all working on our 2013 bodies.
And also Operation Red Bikini.


Operation Red Bikini was started by this girl and this girl.
It's basically a big ole "let's get hot together" thing that we all got going on.....and at the end, they pick a winner.

I probably shouldn't share My Fitness Pal with y'all now.
Because it's the reason that I'm going to win.
But well, I want some competition anyways. :)

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!
And thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, I'm ready for my babies to get back home....life is just way too quiet without them.

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