Dec 23, 2013

Dear NICU Moms.....

Check out my new blog header!!! BH is finally added to the top thanks to my friend Holly!

The other day I was in the elevator at the hospital.
Another young couple was in there and then a Mom and her daughter.
The young couple had a bunch of bags, pillows, and blankets with them.
The Mom made the comment that they looked like they were planning on staying for awhile.
Which, I might add, is a risky comment to make to anyone in a hospital elevator in my opinion.
The couple responded by telling us that their child had been at the hospital for a year, they were discharged only to go home for about 5 minutes and have to come right back because he/she got sick.

And my heart broke for them.

It's not often that I want to hug complete strangers, but I wanted to hug them both.

Can you even imagine?
I can't. Like at all.

This family has since been in my prayers and I would love if you could have them in yours too.

Every time that I see a new baby brought in to the hospital on our floor, I feel the mom's pain.
When I think back to how sick to my stomach I was at BH's first ambulance ride, at leaving the hospital and going to a new one, leaving the nurses that we were familiar with, I am just overwhelmed.
I cried a lot that day and was scared out of my mind.
And each time I see a family that is just starting out on the journey that we have been on for 3 months, I want to just sit them down and tell them it's all going to be okay.
But the reality is, it might not be.
Not every story progresses as well as ours has. Not every tiny baby grows a double chin. And slowly
develops stronger lungs.
I am grateful that we have progressed with leaps and bounds, but I can't help but hurt for the others.

As you enjoy Christmas with your loved ones this year, please keep all the families in the hospital in your thoughts and prayers. I know I am strong enough to see past the fact that I will wake up at the hospital on Christmas morning, I know that it is not where you are but who you are with.

I know that there is a light at the end of our tunnel and we will hopefully be bringing BH home sooner than later, but not all familes there have that. Not all of them can see past the hospital walls and the monitors and the IVs and the sickness to see the good. But I pray that each of them will have at least one good thing to smile about during this holiday season.

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  1. Having worked in a hospital on an open heart surgery floor for 2 years I know this pain well. I remember the families bringing in their Christmas meal and gifts on Christmas day to celebrate with their loved one who could not be at home. It was so hard to see, especially when the patient had a rough week or when people knew it might be their last holiday together.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers always and thinking of all of those folks who will be spending Christmas in the hosptial.

  2. LOVE the new header, so sweet :) I will keep that family in my prayers... absolutely heartbreaking. I know it won't be the way you had imagined it months ago but I hope you all enjoy your first Christmas as a family of five! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, that poor couple. I can't imagine having a child in the hospital for a whole year and then having to go back again. Will definitely keep them, yall, and all the Leboneur children in our prayers this year. So many things to be thankful for!

  4. Praying for your family and all the others across the states with their sweet sweet babies in the hospital. This post just puts into reality how we who do not have kids may take things for granite, that are so simple to you and your family. Hoping BH comes home soon!!! PS: love love your new blog header!!