Feb 28, 2013

The Night that I Almost Died

Why is work always busy when I don't want to work?
Correct answer: I never want to work.

I don't have much time today, but I had to tell you about how I almost died last night.
No, but really.

So, as you all know, FH works nights.
So I'm the "man of the house" at night.
As you also may know, when you are acting as the "man of the house", there are always strange noises.

For some reason, I always get creeped out when clothes are in the dryer while I am trying to fall asleep.
From my bedroom, I can just barely hear the clothes and then I never know what the noise is.
So, last night, I kept getting freaked out by the dryer.
Then of course, I start imagining zombies.....and I start wondering if there was an intruder, would I be able to slow him down by shooting him with the pink BB gun....you know, the usual.

And then, you know when you reach that point where your eyes are closed and you are almost asleep but not completely yet?
Well, that's where I was.
At the gates of dreamland.

And then I opened my eyes.

{dramatic pause}

{commercial break to make sure you are held in suspense}

And there was a face looking directly at me, like 2 cm from my nose.

It was Alex.

At least I didn't shoot her with the BB gun.

Does anybody else have silent creeping kids?! I feel like if I weren't a mom, I would have jumped 100 feet as opposed to the 95 ft that I actually jumped. But my kids tend to do this often.

Hope everybody is having a fantabulous Thursday! Don't forget to spend a little time with the girl we all love to hate, Jillian. :)
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  1. i WAS one of those kids. i always did that to my mom and she would get so mad!
    i have my first date with Jillian tonight. hoping i live to see another day!

  2. Bwahaha! I just died, that has happened to me so many times! The whole sceneraio (is that how you spell scenario? I suck at spelling) Anyway, I have had that happen with the dryer and everything. Hate it, they scare me every time.

    Oh, and I kicked Jillian's butt today, day 5 done!

  3. Oh my goodness, I would've have screamed, haha! My kids are going to think it's hilarious to try and scare me all the time. I scare easily so it shouldn't be difficult, haha! Glad you were okay. ;)

  4. Bennett loves to creep on us. When he sneaks, we usually hear him giggling at the foot of the bed. I already visited with my favorite frienemy this morning. She is not who I want to see when I first wake up, but man she gets my day started off on a good foot.

  5. Oh my gosh I just LOLed... Hazel has done this too. She is a silent killer. It is so scary.

  6. Marley does this all the time. I swear she has a little teleporter thingy right to my side of the bed.

    And I came in this morning and marked off day 4 not realizing until just now I can mark off day 5 too! Whoot Whoot!

  7. I am laughing so hard! When my niece and nephew used to stay over at my house before I had kids, they would both stand next to my bed and stare at me silently until I woke up! CREEPERS

  8. I am weird about the dryer being on late at night. Carter is my creepy kid. I'll have to do a post on him and my million heart attacks he's caused. You can always call up your neighbor for backup...I hear she has a glock. LOL!

  9. bahahaha! I can't watch scary movies because I'm so good at scaring myself!! We don't have any kiddos yet, but I've been awakened by that sweet child face when nannying. haha...it's weird!

  10. Dang kids! A couple nights ago I was down on the treadmill doing my thing and suddenly someone starts talking to me! When I went to the basement to get on the treadmill my kiddo was in bed and we were home alone. My husband had come home, put his truck in the garage, unlocked the door and come down the basement stairs without me hearing a sound. I just about jumped out of my skin! Then I got mad at him for laughing at me!

  11. I just LOL'd too! I usually imagine walkers everywhere. I think if I actually saw one I could go all Michonne on it. :) at least after I stood back up from my knees buckling.

    I must admit I am behind a day on Jillian. My legs hurt so bad after the first two days but I shredded this morning and will again before bed today to get caught up.

  12. I would have died. This one time in college I called 911 because I thought there was a robber in my apartment and there was really just a birds nest in my dryer vent. Oops....

  13. I literally laughed out loud! That sneaky little turd!

  14. Oh My that is so funny cause my son did the same kind of thing to me last night. I was actually asleep though and he sneaks in whispers mama and taps me and I jumped so bad I woke up my husband...lol. Silly Kids! :)

  15. I know the feeling! My hubby works nights as well (actually until 330AM talk about the worst shift ever!) but I am always texting him telling him I hear things. I hate being home alone. I would have probably started swinging if I were you ! haha