Feb 26, 2013

Lora with an 'O'

Hey y'all!

I have a few new smiling faces around these parts recently so I wanted to say hi...and tell you a few things about myself.

If you really knew me, you would know that.....

-My name is Lora, not Laura. And I really hate when people call me Laura, although I will never correct you.

-I absolutely love working out in the morning. And I like bootcamp style hardcore workouts. the closer I am to puking, the better.


-I don't dress up for work, like ever. When I do, people at work think I have an interview or something fancy planned.

-I lock doors. like all doors. Even when I am home alone, I still lock the bathroom door. Weird? probably, but you can never be too safe. plus I have an abnormal fear that someone is going to walk in on me while I'm using the bathroom. This probably stems from walking in on my older cousin when I was little. It scared me for life.

-I am obsessed with IG. (Follow me @MrsLoYoung)....and I'm pretty sure most of you knew this already.

-I have old lady legs, and knees, and elbows. Apparently I'm falling apart....and I still tend to overdo it when working out. Luckily I have a husband who reminds me that I shouldn't do too much.

-I clean my ears daily because dirty ears gross me out. (random, much?)

-HUGE Tiger fan here. I'm pretty sure I have enough Tiger gear to wear every day of the year. And JP is pretty much my second favorite man in the world.

-I hate the dentist. with a passion. Why does he talk to you when he has both of his fists in your mouth? Am I suppose to answer?

-I'm an accountant but I don't do my own taxes. Ain't nobody got time for that.

-In my next life (not that I believe in that sort of thing), I would like to be a PE teacher. How fun would that be? I'd have to save up some money from this life in order to support myself, but still, it'd be good stuff.

-My kids go to private school. Some people think this make me snobby, I think it just makes me poor. But I am 100% happy with sacrificing so my kids can learn in a Christian environment. See also, I do NOT judge anybody who has kids at public school, it's all about what you can do and what's important to you.

-My husband is my BFF. This statement use to annoy me...until I married my best friend. Now, I get it.

-My kids are the MOST RANDOM kids you will ever meet. I wish I could carry a recorder around so I could share it all, I get hilarious quotes from them often.

-I'm 30...which apparently is the new 80. But I don't feel old at all!

-if you hear me mention FH, that is what I call my husband. It stands for Future Husband, although he is actually my husband. I named him that on like our 3rd date.

-I have to stay on my toes on a daily basis so that I stay smarter than my kids. Sad but true. For example, one time, when they were little, Kate wrote on the wall. But in order to get away with it, she wrote Alex's name. She ALMOST fooled me.

-my Garmin watch is by far my favorite purchase that I have made lately. it has changed my workout life. if you are thinking about investing in one, stop thinking and just order it already. Totally worth every penny.

-I'm running in my first half in April, and I have yet to do more than a 10K. So basically I'm training by not really training. We'll see how this works for me.

-I love new friends....and comments, and emails, and texts, and IGs, and twitter shout outs. So feel free to comment below and say hi!

I guess that's all I got for now. I can't think of anything interesting about myself. I'd like to talk about how I lost 50 lbs....but you'll have to come back, say around this summer for that post.

Thanks for following, I love all your faces.
Happy Tuesday y'all.

PS I woke up at 5 this morning, did Jillian (twss), and put dinner in the crockpot....so after work today, I have a hot date with my book. Or else a 2-a-day workout...tomorrow is, after all, weigh in wednesday!
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  1. That has got to be my favorite pic of K&A ever!! And what's yo beef with Laura, haha just kidding. Everyone at work (even my good friends!) pronounce my name Lora and I even got called Lauren like 5 times last week. I don't correct them either. = )

  2. I am sending you a text now. Need confirmation on the name. I need it written out phonetically please.

  3. what's for dinner? I need a crock pot meal for tonight

  4. I just can't face Jillian in the morning but I did put supper in the crock pot so I can rest extra long after I see her this evening! An accountant? I've thought long & hard about going back to school for accounting. I love numbers! Also, I love a random post like this! And my comment has ended up totally random too!

  5. Love your random facts :) And I love that youre planning your weight loss post for this summer - motivation!!

  6. WOW! We have a lot in common. We are obviously somewhat in the same line of business because of the "f" word. I never dress up for work either. G is starting a private school this year. I love the Christian based school. And I got the baby fevverrrr! Nice getting to know more about you! Have a great day!

  7. My husband is an accountant too! No one at his work ever wears ties so when he does on rare occasion he is always asked what interview he is going on, haha! We don't have any kids of our own, but we work with teenagers and the majority of them go to a private Christian school and it seems to be really great for them. :)

  8. You are so cute! Hey I clean my ears everyday too, sometimes more than once! I have a fit bit but the Garmin watch is sounding better daily.

  9. I dont know how to pronounce Lora and Laura differently? ! ? Maybe its my Minnesota accent? Lol

  10. hahah! I know EXACTLY how you feel my name is obviously prounounced just like Katie however I get called caddy like caddyshack probably 3 times a week. never fails. Although I do correct people like really? you think my parents named me after golf??

    I NEVER dress up for work. like ever. If i do its because I have to go somewhere right after work. I don't even think my coworkers know what I look like with my hair down ha!

    PLEASE PLEASE share your secrets with how to get up early and get your workouts in? I SOO badly want to do it but each and everyday my alarm goes off I always choose sleep :(

  11. I have that exact Garmin. Love it! Worth every penny :-)

  12. I say "Lora" and "Laura" exactly the same...is that wrong? lol

    I hate the dentist too and avoid them as much as possible!

    Love the pics of your girls they are hilarious!!

  13. I've always wondered how the dentist expects us to answer haha...maybe they are great at understanding gibberish.

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    The Hartungs Blog

  14. I really want to get a Garmin...maybe I can convince the hubs to get it for me for my birthday!

    I do JM in the afternoon...can't deal with her early in the morning :)

  15. I always look forward to your posts! Love them. I love working out in the morning too but I think I live my sleep more. ;)

  16. Ok... email me at work today... We need a "Hello I'm..." linkup post!

  17. Hi! I'm a new follower, here and IG. I big fat heart IG! I'm mommynpink on IG. I'm getting ready to start JM on Monday. Looking forward to it but not. Anywho, hiii!!! :)