Feb 27, 2013

How much does 1/2 of a Pound Weigh Anyways?

It's Weigh In Wednesday time.
Believe it or not, I have actually been looking forward to this day.
I've been working hard, and I even got in my last chance workout last night.

I walked 2 miles, I did the elliptical for 45 minutes...and then my awesome husband realized that Zumba class was about to start so I ran in there and joined that class. I was exhausted but what a great workout. Oh yeah, and I did Jillian Michaels that morning too, that's probably really why I was tired.....2-a-days!

I always WANT to go to workout classes.
And I have great plans to go, but for some reason I can't ever get there at the right time.
Kids be making me late.


And then, I weighed in this morning and guess what? I only lost 0.4 lbs. Womp, womp.

Surprisingly, I'm okay with this.
I'm fairly positive that Mother Nature was the cause of such a small loss. So I'll be back Danni-style (from the Biggest Loser, don't ya know) with a great loss next week.

The title of this blog reminds me of a science question that I had in probably the 5th or 6th grade. You should know that I am a FAST test taker. I always finish 1st or 2nd. My philosophy is if I don't know the answer now, I'm not going to know it later so why sit here and spend time thinking?? I don't advise this method.
The question was: Which weighs more? A pound of feathers or a pound a bricks?

And almost everyone in class missed it. Go figure. We didn't have time to sit there and think about the answer. 

I can't wait to hear about everyone's progress on this bright and shiny Weigh In day.....remember, summertime is just around the corner!

Happy Hump Day Y'all!!
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  1. You are killing it with the exercising, I wish I was that motivated. Great job!

  2. In my opinion a loss is a loss! ...and you are seriously working out like a straight BOSS! Love it!

  3. Your workouts will catch up with you, and a loss is a loss...I hate though, when I've been extra good all week, and it doesn't show up on the scale! I get weighed at WW, and I often think of the old days, when they used scales that weren't digital...those people didn't even get to know they lost 1/2 a pound! Hurray for progress!

  4. I dusted off the 30DS DVD last night too. A little late to the party but I am doing your challenge. Might try to do a few 2 a days on the weekend to catch up. Danni motivates me big time! I try to watch biggest loser while walking on the treadmill but if that doesn't work for me I make sure to peel myself off the couch and work out after because after you see them weight in how can you not workout for the day.

  5. A loss is a loss lady! Yay for JM even though I HATE seeing her everyday. blah

  6. 2 a days. You beast. you rock my face off. that is all.

  7. Geez, I want your energy :) Congrats on the loss!

  8. Yeah for 2 a days!!! We are gonna be so sick of seeing JM's face soon :)

    I'm totally with you on fast test taking...people always looked at me like I was a weirdo when I finished so fast.

  9. A loss is a loss! Keep up the awesome work! Mother Nature can suck it this past week, for me too! ;)

  10. You exercised that much and lived to tell about it?!? Way to go!

  11. I'm sure it was mother nature! Are y'all going to the gym here in Atoka? I thought about joining. Love Zumba but haven't done it in forever so I'd be ashamed! Lol!

  12. A loss is a loss. I'm proud of you regardless. You can do it. Mother Nature is a you know what. But it will be ok.

  13. Congrats on the half pound, girl! That's great! :) Oooh, that 1 pound of feathers/bricks question could be tricky! Especially if you are in test-taking mode!