Jul 31, 2012

We Don't Want No Minivans

We made a big decision in our house last night. No, there aren't any buns in the oven (yet). No, we aren't moving (we just did that, keep up people!). Yes, we are going to buy a new car. Come on down Lora and FH, your price is right! haha #Imissthatshow
I'm not sure what we are going to get yet, but I know that we are putting my dreams of the white Jeep from the Clueless movie that I fell in love with many many years ago are going to be put on hold. I mean, I've waited since like 1991, what's a few more years?!

(Okay, so maybe this jeep is a little more pimped out than the Clueless jeep, but always dream big!) It will be mine one day! And I'll be driving around with my top off. :)
Alex wants a minivan with sliding doors or a Lamborghini. Kate wants something in UT orange. FH wants something with good gas mileage. I want something that doesn't cost too much. So now we just have to narrow it down from those four ideas.
As long as we don't end up with this, I'm happy.
Although actually, I'm pretty sure 3 out of 4 of us would be able to live with it. And I think I would stand out a little in the car pickup line at the girls' school. But we'd also have to sell our house to afford it. Details, details. Pin It Now!

Jul 30, 2012

Miscellany Monday

1. This morning I started the Insanity workout. It was...in one word: INSANE!!!! Oh my goodness, almost throwing up my breakfast before I've even had breakfast was rough!

2. My kids are back in town! Finally, home from their dad's house and behaving as if they haven't seen me all summer, go figure.

3. School's about to start back up. I have two fourth graders. I'm not really sure if I am ready for that.....I mean, I'm not sure I'm old enough to have two fourth graders!!! Thank goodness they have a stepdaddy now, I'm going to let him be in charge of all the homework. Well, except for spelling. Spelling's not his strong point.

4. Work. Enough said. Our fiscal year end is coming up and so I will be busy busy busy. And I just found out that the co-op that works with me (intern) has decided to leave...right before year end. Awesome, just awesome. So I'll be training someone new while doing 2,374,981 other things all at once. Cheers to several paychecks that will include overtime. Boo to not seeing my husband and kids much during that time. (Or blogging for that matter!)

5. Is it 5 o'clock yet?! Surely it is...I'm ready to be off work and I just got here. Go figure.

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Jul 26, 2012

I really miss my homies....

Oh how I love sweet summertime. It doesn't get dark until super late, I don't need a jacket when I go outside, I'm not ghostly pale, and I don't have to wear lots of layers which make me look like a chunky monkey. There's no kids with homework, no "school nights", no bedtime (well, ok, that's totally not true), and there's no getting up early (yeah, that's a lie too)...but anyways, I love summertime!!!
What I don't love about summertime? My kids spend 4 weeks out of the summer with their dad. Ughhh. I'm super excited that they have a good dad and that they get an opportunity to spend so much time with him, but really, do you know what it sounds like in my house? Completely quiet. It's really weird. For the first few days, I love it! I can do anything I want {after work} and I don't have to take care of anyone besides yours truly. But after I get that all out of my system, I want my kids back!!!! This year it worked out perfectly since FH and I were able to go on our honeymoon and then have another week alone at the house. It extended our honeymoon and it was great! But by the end of the two weeks, we were staring at each other, asking what couples that don't have kids actually do with their lives?! Gosh. We. Are. Boring.
Their dad doesn't live far from us and last night he drove by and they ran in and yelled "surprise! we came to give y'all a kiss!" that was a great surprise! I swear they grow 10 inches every time they stay away from home. Today is Thursday and they will be home on Sunday. Shortly after that, they will be heading back to school and I will be pulling out my hair. Because as much as I love those little boogers, it takes us about a week or two to detox from spending time with their dear old dad who doesn't like rules. After a few days of having them back home, I get reminded of what it's like to take a bath with 465 knocks on the door, to go to the bathroom and one of them has a question that MUST be answered IMMEDIATELY, and to hear "I'm bored" at least 3,678,421.5 times. But it's the kind of nuts that I like to be, I would much rather have them driving me crazy than listening to the silence echo in our house.
I mean, really, look at those faces. What's not to love?!
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Jul 10, 2012

The Day I Became a Mrs

Blogging makes me fat. It really does. You wanna know why? Cause I don't have the internet at my house. I may or may not be cheap. It also might have to do with the fact that I stare at a compter all day at work so when I get home, I don't really want to see a screen unless it's a TV. Back to getting fat. I use the wifi at McDonalds. And I'd be scandalous if I didn't buy some mcnuggets while I blog. You know, because then I wouldn't be a paying customer. That would be stealing. So when given the option of being a thief or being a fat kid, I choose to get the food. My mom would be proud. Let's all just say a short prayer of thanks that I found me a husband before I blogged too much. Whew, that would have been bad.
Back to the subject at hand. The day I became a Mrs. A Mrs Young to be exact. The day that my whole life started. Who knew it was so fun to be married to your best friend?! It's like a slumber party every day of my life. I love it. And guess what, he loves me back. It's really a great concept. If you aren't married, then I recommend it. Well, to the correct person I might add. If it's the wrong person then it's not so great. Or so I've heard......
Looking through my wedding pics, I have learned a few things. A) My photographer was the greatest. Not only is she the cutest little thing you ever met, but she also makes you feel like a super model when she is taking your pics. I half expected my pics to make me look like a size 2. Of course they didn't, but she did the best with what she was working with, not to mention, I'm pretty sure all the groomsmen thought she was totally hot. B) Dang I got some hot friends. My bridesmaids are just gorgeous and made their dresses look amazing. not to mention their hair, their nails, their ability to hold my wedding dress up in the back the perfect amount so that I can catch a breeze up in there. All around, they are rockstars. The groomsmen are pretty cool too, but you know, I can't take much credit there. Except of course for my brother, in which case I would say he is a handsome, manlier version of his younger sister. C) Who needs money when you have talented people in your life? From flowers to wedding videos to cake servers to cookie makers to wedding coordinaters, I lucked out in the friend/family department. Unfortunately I am going to have to develop some talent before any of them get married. Maybe it would be easier to just save up some money and help them pay for their weddings. Talent is not really in my book of possessions. Unless they want me to play basketball or throw a softball for entertainment. Then, I got this. D) Holy smokes, my husband is hot stuff. And I'm not even biased. Not even a little. He is totally mine now though so don't be getting any ideas. E) I guess I should shut up now and just go ahead and upload some pics.
Let's start with a few of my favorites. Which, by the way, is so hard to pick when you have 377 photos. But here are a few:
The most handsome husband in the world

GQ called. Have your people call my people.

My precious daughters.

Ughhh my laptop is messing up. Maybe I should buy more chicken nuggets so my service is better. Or I'll just post these photos from my phone....

The three loves of my life.

And here's to sticking to my plan of not letting him see me before the wedding....

That's all for now. Maybe one day I'll be a grown up blogger and post pics that aren't from my phone....but until them, happy eating! :) Pin It Now!