Jun 26, 2012

Breaking News

Did you hear? I'm married! Just in case you've been living under a rock for the last 9 months. I'm going to do a nice long picture filled update eventually, but we still don't have wifi at the house and I'm too busy being a honeymooner to leave my husband to run out and use free wifi....so I thought I'd just add the pics from my phone for now!

Above is FH reading the letter I wrote him right before walking down the aisle. I love this pic!

The cake that FH got INSIDE my dress....I could hurt him!

And that's all from the phone! About 5 million more pics to come!

I love being Mrs Michael Young!
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Jun 8, 2012

"Nice to meet you, ma'am"

I'm not really sure how to start this post. I'm not even sure if I want to document this moment cause I would really be okay if I didn't remember it. Alex came home yesterday from summer camp and told me she liked a boy AND THAT HE LIKED HER BACK. Lord help me. Kate was mad because she said that Alex always had boyfriends and she didn't. I asked Alex to tell me what happened and this is what she told me.

**The boy's name has been changed for his protection.**
"I just walked up to Kyle and I said 'Do you know who I like?' and he said 'No' and so I said 'His name starts with a K' and then I walked off. Then I went back up to him and I said 'Do you know who I like now?' and he said 'No' and so I said 'The second letter is Y' and then he knew so he decided that he liked me too."

That was the whole story. Told to us in one long run-on sentence with a little bit too much excitement.
Michael and I just smiled. Good for you. You're a little too brave with boys but that's a funny story.

Then we get to the softball field. And there is a little boy standing next to me. He said "Are you her Mom?" I slowly nodded my head yes without smiling. He shook my hand and said "Nice to meet you.". "She likes me" he said, while pointing at Alex. Alex giggled. Then he proceeded to tell me "I can cook, I can clean, I can do dishes and wash clothes." I'm pretty sure at this point, my mouth dropped open. I said "Well, are you planning on marrying her?" He said "Naw." Awkward silence. Then he said (and I quote) "My ex-girlfriend cheated on me." This is when I punched him in the face. Oh wait, no, I mean this is when I wanted to punch him in the face. My bad. But actually all I did was tell him that he was too old for Alex. He said "No, I'm only a year older." and then he ran off.

Well, that went well. I looked at FH and he didn't say a word.

I'm not really sure if it was the little boy's huge Jordan tennis shoes that weren't laced up, or his baggy pants, or his talk about his ex-girlfriend, but it just wasn't working for me.

Luckily, after me and her daddy both told her to stop calling him her boyfriend, she came home last night and said "I don't think I like him anymore. He's not cool." Thank goodness we avoided that one. I have a feeling this will happen often and I have a feeling that we won't be able to talk her out of every boy that she is interested in. I also have a feeling that it is a good thing that FH is already bald or he would be slowly losing hair.

We have a VERY long road ahead of us.

**Please note, if for someone reason, anyone knows the little boy and is reading this then please understand I'm sure this little boy is a nice young man and I have nothing against him. But my little girl is still my baby so no one will ever be good enough for either of them.**
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Jun 1, 2012

Spring River Life Lessons

Recently, we made our annual trip to Spring River. It was suppose to be a bachelor/bachelorette trip this year, basically our way of forcing our friends to go since it is impossible to get everyone together for a vacation. FAIL. Everyone still ended up backing out. Makes me glad that we didn't plan our wedding out of town, if we would have then no one would have showed up! Aside from feeling not so loved by the fact that everyone but two people backed out....WE HAD A BLAST!!!!

My friend Leigh Anne and her man Jeremiah went with us. They are our couple friends that we can ALWAYS count on to go with us no matter what. They are usually up for anything and we always have lots of fun with them. We took two cars, girls in one, boys in the other. What a fun roadtrip. We even had walkie talkies so we could talk to each other.....but we weren't the best at working ours. At one point, I kind of thought the boys had rigged it so that they could spy on us, but that was not the case. Or at least I don't think it was. They by no means needed to hear our gossip. I'm pretty sure the guys were doing some hardcore gossiping too, we could see their large hand gestures since we were following them. Oh to be a fly on the wall in that truck.....

You wouldn't believe all of the stuff that we took with us. We quickly realized that it was a good thing that everyone backed out on us, cause we wouldn't have had room for more people and more stuff. I'm pretty sure we took at least 7 or 8 coolers. We were well prepared.

Friday, we were pumped about the trip. We couldn't get there fast enough. It had been several days weeks of mass texting between the four of us talking about how excited we were and it was finally time!!! We checked in and unloaded ALL the coolers and stuff and then got straight into our swimsuits and headed to the water because it was HOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT! Boys being boys, they made us walk to a mini waterfall. It was pretty neat, but a lot of work walking across the rapids. Yes, you read that correctly. We even talked a couple into walking with us and she didn't know how to swim! How brave is that? I was scared and I have been swimming since I was a baby. We grilled burgers, amazing burgers, that night and sat around the campfire. And laughed. We laughed a lot the whole trip. At ourselves and at others. :)

Saturday morning, we were ready to get on our raft!! We had a little trouble sorting out the cooler situation. Apparently the boys thought we were going on a 3 day rafting trip and would be stranded if we didn't bring enough drinks and jello to keep us hydrated. I'm grateful that they over-prepared. We needed two rafts since we had so much stuff, and because we had two reserved for those ghost friends of ours. We tied the two rafts together and bounced on down the river with hardly any work. Jeremiah got a few war wounds and so did Fh, but LA and I got nothing but sun. It was a long day on the river, very exciting, and we made lots of memories. Then it was back to the cabin for steak night. Nothing better than steaks after a long day on the water.

Sunday was also a fun day. We made new friends, some annoying and needy, some retarded and bothersome, some extremely funny that we were trying to figure out who of our friends we could set them up with, and some that were simply put in our lives to make our night entertaining. It ended up being me, LA, and about  a million boys. Had we been single, we would have loved this ratio. But we kind of just wanted our men alone. That was so not happening. At one point, FH even went over to the lovey dovey couple in the cabin next to ours and told the dude: "Bro, you're making me look bad". Haha

We learned lots of new stuff at Spring River about each other.

-FH doesn't paddle. Jeremiah thinks he is the master of paddling and should direct us all. LA and I are actually the only hard workers in the group. And we have big muscles too.
-Boys will be boys will be boys. They like to throw random punches, take over other people's grills, compare muscles, get beat in ladder ball (twice), and they are all proud of the meat that they cook on the grill. They don't want you to touch their hat, in fact this will result in an automatic punch.
-We learned that FH and J are okay with leaving us alone with 2 guys while they go play....as long as said 2 guys aren't hot. If they had been hot, the boys would have stayed right next to us.
-We learned that a random dude should never come up to a big group of dudes and talk about how great John Meyer is. Or wear a head-to-toe Alabama outfit.
-We learned that drugs are bad. There was one girl that smiled real big and all her teeth were rotted out. It was not pretty.
-We had every single person at Spring River saying "Cool story Bro"
-We learned that LA never sleeps, and that it does actually get cold at night.
-We learned that if we don't have our phones on us 24/7 then we don't take many pics. We also have a lot of fb catching up to do.

All in all, it was a fantabulous trip. Even though it was just the four of us, I can't imagine us having a better time. Not all of the stuff we learned or the memories that we made can be put on a blog....but I'm pretty sure they won't be forgotten.

And it was definately a "cool story, Bro"

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