Apr 20, 2012


So, we have all been tired lately. Getting home late and staying busy has left us with no time to rest. Last night, around midnight, Alex came running into my room. First off, it scared me to death. Not having a man in the house at night of course always makes me think the boogie man is gonna come get us in our sleep. Second, I asked her what she was doing and she said she had to go to the bathroom. And then she proceeded to walk into my closet, turn on the light, and shut the door. Of course, I yelled, "Alex, that's the closet not the bathroom!" and she came back out and went into the bathroom without saying a word.

Like I said.....we all could use a little more sleep lately. Hopefully we can catch up this weekend! Pin It Now!

Apr 19, 2012

Life with the StYoungs

When I told my friend that I finally wrote a blog, her first response was "That must have been a long blog, you have a lot to catch up on!" So this one's for you J.....
Lots has been happening 'round these parts. Blogging has taken a backseat to work, softball, kickboxing, school, wedding planning, and house buying/packing. Not necessarily in that order. We have been busy to say the least. So, here is an update on us, The StYoungs.

-Kate and Alex are old. 9 years, to be exact. somewhere along the way, my babies stopped being babies anymore. well, usually, they still have baby moments when they are tired or don't get their way
-In case you didn't know, I'm getting married!!!! (What, have you been living under a rock somewhere? This is the best news since those new "put your own toppings on your yogurt" stores. Well, to us it is, anyways.) There is sooooooo much to do for the wedding and it is fast approaching. We have a little less than two months left to get EVERYTHING done and I wish I was one of those girls that lost weight just because they were stressed. So not me.
-Softball. We love softball at our house. It's one of our favorite sports. But we play softball in Atoka, and we live in Cordova. Sometimes our games are as late as starting at 7:30. Which means we have about 2 hours before the game starts without being able to go home and then a late night drive home. Not to mention, I do have to make sure K&A bathe every now and again, and sometimes I make them do their homework. Well, ok, I guess I always make them do that. We have been very creative lately though......who says you can't do your homework on the way to school in the morning? I mean, why not take advantage of that 35ish minutes of free time in the car??
-Work. It's pretty busy. Boy do I miss the good ole days when I had nothing to do at work except check facebook and email my friends! Now, life at work is slightly different.....I actually work. Crazy, I know. My supervisor recently got a new job and so I have been swamped. Luckily, I love my job so it's not bad, but it sure is busy.
-We bought a house. Yes, you read that right. I'm in search of some camo shorts for FH because we are moving to Tipton County!! Finally. After about a year of searching for a house, we finally found the perfect one. And the timing couldn't be better. We were just about to give up the search and focus on the wedding, but now the girls and I can get all moved in and it will only be a month before FH will have a ring on his finger and a permanent spot in our garage.
-Packing. I've been slowly packing as much as I can. So, we can't ever find anything. And right when I packed up all of our warm clothes, it got cold again. Sorry about that coldfront that came through, that was obviously my fault for jinxing us all.
-Kickboxing. My friends and I bought a groupon for a month of unlimited kickboxing. It's great! I love it. I can feel the pain and I can see a difference. I almost thought that I should make a career change and become a lady kickboxer (do they even exist?) but then I realized that if I ever actually got punched in the face then I would probably squeal like a little girl. So, I'll just stick to my desk job. We have been going to a lot of classes. It's funny, because we are all 5 accountants. Obviously I am not your stereotypical accountant, I like people and I'm never actually very quiet and my best friends aren't numbers. But we are all now kickboxing accountants. With handwrap and boxing gloves and bruises and 5 AM wake up times. It's gonna be pretty sad when our month ends. I'm gonna ask Santa Clause for a punching bag this year. Or just see if FH will let me kick him every once in awhile.

So, there you go. That's what's been happening with the StYoungs. :-)
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Say you have a daughter......

Imagine for a second that you have a daughter. Actually make that two daughters, both in 3rd grade, and both kind of look alike. They could even be twins. Now pretend like one of those daughters was really brave. And now combine that brave attitude with an extreme case of boy crazy. Imagine said daughter decided at the ripe old age of 9 that she was ready to date. Imagine that she went so far as to write a note to a boy that she likes and she asked for your permission to give it to him. What would you do?

Me? I said "Ask your Daddy."

This seemed like the appropriate response to me.

If I were a true blogger (which obviously I'm not since I haven't posted in months), I would have probably taken a picture of the note. But I couldn't do it because I didn't need the world/all 4 of my readers to know the name of the boy that she likes. I can describe it to you though. It was all folded up like a note, think back to 5th grade and how you passed notes (apparently she is more mature than I was because I know I never passed a note to a boy in 3rd grade-or maybe I just can't remember that far back), when you open it up, it said really large "DO YOU LIKE ME!". That part was kind of cute but then when you flip it over, it said "ME OR (INSERT ANOTHER LITTLE GIRL'S NAME HERE)?". This is when I was a bit shocked. She's 9 and her cute little innocent note was basically saying make a decision, it's me or her. Make your decision so I can move on with my life and stop wasting my time on you or so that we can start going on dates and live happily ever after, just decide already.
This is the same child that already tells me she will be rich when she grows up. The one that walks into a jewelry store with us last night to look at wedding rings and picks the most expensive ring in the entire store and announced to the lady that worked there that it would be hers someday. The child that claims she will have a pool boy one day and a rich husband, and she will be famous. And don't forget the pink convertible that she will be driving. The child has big dreams.

And now just imagine, she has a twin sister that is just as boy crazy.

Mothers, hide your sons.

***Please note, if you know my daughter, and you tell her about this blog post, I will deny it. :)*** Pin It Now!