Apr 28, 2011

Busy Busy Bees

I have all but given up on blogging. Without internet at the house, plus starting a new position at work (which is really interfering with my social life, lol), my free time on the computer is next to no time at all! Right now, we are sitting at my mom's house and there are about 20 men on top of the house replacing the roof, so it is impossible to think straight enough to blog. But my pics are building up, so let me just at least put them on here to keep track of what we have been up to lately......

Playdates. I love all of these little girls and boy are they goofy! This particular playdate had to be documented, because well, let's just say my friend Tiffanie met her future husband. The guy very smoothly used his kid to get her number and it has been happily ever after ever since.....(ok so it's only been about a week, but still, that's not the point)

Saturday afternoon, we went to help FH sell his lab puppies. I am pretty sure the girls whined a little each time one of them sold, and I rejoiced. Luckily, no pets are allowed at the new apartment so I could blame it on that. There are still 2 puppies left so I guess you know what FH and I will be doing this Saturday.....here's Kate with a pup.

Saturday night, we went to a concert. Not just any old concert. The first concert of a hot new up and coming country singer who also happens to be one of my BFFs, Nat Oliver. (look her up on youtube.....**shameless plug**) My camera had a mind of it's own that night so there weren't any good pics. I did catch this one of Kate and FH. It's not a great picture, but it was definately a great moment- they were sharing nachos.

Next up: Easter.
We started the morning off with the Easter Bunny and doughnuts. As you can see, Kate had a HUGE doughnut!!!

     **I do realize there are lots of pics of Kate and not too many of Alex, Kate just likes pics more.**

Then came the Easter pics....Kate had on heels and was taller than Alex, so Alex was not too happy about that. That's why she is trying her darndest to "stand tall"....

We decided to surprise Michael's mom by going to her church. I am pretty sure she loved it and it made her day! And then came more pics......

The girls are sitting so far apart in the middle picture because Alex wouldn't let Kate get near her....such is the drama that we deal with on a daily basis......

Later on it was family time at my Aunt's house. It's always great to see my extended family, it just doesn't happen often enough!! Kate and FH had a lot of fun playing with the Fat Face camera app. I didn't let them take my picture because why would you do that to yourself??? lol

I love these pictures....I seriously laughed forever at them!!!

Oh yeah, and how could I forget....all weekend there were TONS of storms! Very scary time. Actually, it was at the beginning of the week, not the weekend, but same difference. The girls spent a little quality time in the bathtub, then they moved into Kate's closet to watch a movie on the portable DVD player. **Thank goodness we weren't without power long!!**

Well, I guess that about sums up what has been going on in our neck of the woods. Oh and one last pic of Alex (since there don't seem to be many). Here she is with her new haircut,holding a tiny easter chick from FH....

That's all for now....back to my pioneer life with no internet and no cable...THANK GOODNESS FOR MY IPHONE OR I WOULD REALLY BE LOST!!!!!
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Apr 22, 2011


I haven't been able to blog much lately because we don't have internet at our new place. We also still don't have cable, which is actually going pretty good. The girls spend tons of time outside hanging out with new friends, I have developed a daily walking routine, BUT I have been spending a lot of money renting movies! lol, so not sure that this will last forever. at least it is going to last long enough to help them realize that there is more to life than TV.

As we were moving out of my dad's house, I remembered something. Someone, a couple of years ago, wrote on the wall. I had to take a picture to document this. Why did I feel the need to document this? Well, take a look......
Still confused about why this is a great memory? Well, take one guess on who wrote this on the wall? WRONG. It was Kate. I guess she thought she wouldn't get caught if she wrote her sister's name on the wall instead of her own......sneaky little thing!!! Don't worry, you can't get much past me! I figured it out by the look in her eyes....but of course I informed her that I knew because "moms know everything" and "I have eyes in the back of my head". Nice try though.......

One other thing to document on this blog, since we have moved into the apartment, and the girls have their own rooms, they have been acting like big kids. Making their beds, closing/opening their window blinds each day, cleaning up after themselves, and (apparently) helping me stock up our freezer. Look at what I found when I opened up my freezer:
Reason # 5,342,309 why it's hard to diet as a mom.

Just another day in the life of K&A......

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Apr 16, 2011

Big Pink Bubble

If I could put my kids in a bubble to protect them from this world, I would. I am sure most moms would agree with me. There are so many scary things in this world that we live in from abductions to murder to cancer to teenage pregnancies, it just feels like there is no way to raise children nowadays and keep them protected. I pray that I do a good job, but sometimes I wonder.....
I have noticed lately that there is literally no way of keeping my girls from growing up too fast. They already think about boys more than I ever did at that age, they learn cuss words at school. I will say that sometimes I have to laugh a little like when they asked me if they were allowed to say the "S" word, and I calmly ask them what word they were referring to and they respond (as if I obviously should have known) with "shutup". Haha. Probably 90% of the bad influence in their life is from TV. Now, they know what they are allowed to watch and what they aren't. They know how to look at the rating for the show to see if it is for them, but I have noticed that some stuff with a child rating, is still not great. Now they have never been kids that just spend hours in front of the tv, but they have started doing it a lot more recently. I think this is in part because we have been living at my moms house, which is on the golf course, and it is DANGEROUS outside. If you play outside too much, you run the risk of getting hit with a golf ball! lol, not to mention, there's just not much to do outside here, no kids their age really.
Since we are moving this weekend (YAY!!), I have decided that it is a fresh start in so many ways and I want to take advantage of it. Here are a few of my plans:

1. NO MORE CABLE. For now anyways. I want the girls to get out and play, especially since warmer weather is finally here. The new apartment complex has tons of kids around, they have a great place to store their bikes so they have easy access getting them in and out. The complex is gated so kids pretty much can go off and explore on their own and I don't have to worrry too much besides the occassional check ins. I want them to read more, use their imagination, stop telling me "we're bored and have nothing to do" every five seconds. I am not banning tv for good in our home. We will still watch movies, and I can get some kids shows on DVD so that they have entire seasons to watch on rainy days. I am not promising we will last forever on this new plan, in fact, next week I might be calling up Comcast, not able to take it anymore! I think it will be more difficult for me than it will the girls. I have my regular shows that I am very use to having DVR'd to watch at my disposal, but I read a lot and I want to start exercising more, and spending more qualitity time with the girls, so I'm gonna see how this works......

2. FAMILY DINNER AT THE TABLE. The girls and I do sit and have dinner together, the problem is that it usually happens at a table at mcdonalds or some other place. lol. This is gonna be really tough for us to do since we have softball, so we don't get home til really late pretty often. But when we get the chance, I want us to have dinner at the table. The girls need HELP with their table manners, and this will help us work on it. And since they won't have a tv to run off to, this will be a little easier to do.

3. DISCIPLINE. And lots of it. Enough said.

4. READING. I feel like I don't encourage my kids to read enough. If you know me, you know that I am a bookworm. I always have a list of books lined up to read, I read on my breaks at work, I read before I go to bed at night, I LOVE TO READ. Kate and Alex don't just love it. They almost don't want to sit still long enough to do it. There is a little boy in Alex's class that has over 250 AR points (if you have an elementary student, then you understand what this is, basically reading and taking tests to earn points). That is amazing that he has so many!!! I'm not after that many points, as that boy must just LOVE to read, but I want the girls to at least strive to read more.

5. HOMEWORK. The girls don't study much. When they first got in school, I helped them study a lot. But slowly I noticed, that they didn't really have to study much. Once we forgot to even look at their spelling words, and they still made an A on their spelling tests. This is so easy for me, to not have to stress about making them study. But what I am realizing is that they need to learn good study skills, to help them later on in school. Learning how to study is almost as important as the material that you are actually learning.

I am so excited to make our fresh start at our new home. I was almost in tears yesterday, just thinking about how long I have waited on this to happen. The girls and I have lived at someone else's house for around 3 years now. We NEED our own space and it is finally happening. I haven't had my own closet in 8 years so it felt soooo good to unload all my clothes in that big ole closet, I almost wanted to lay down in it and just smile! Kate and Alex have never had their own closets, or their own room, or their own bed. I know they are gonna pass out when they come home from their dad's house tomorrow to see that they have their own rooms with big beds and decorations specifically for each of them. I feel as if we have been living on an RV for 3 years and we are finally going home. Finally settling down somewhere. One day I told Kate to go get her socks, she said she didn't know where they were. She said, "I just can't remember where we keep everything". That may not sound like a big deal to you, but to me, it was heartbreaking. When you are little, you should know where all your stuff is. You should have a stable environment, and be able to rely on certain things. I am so happy that I can finally provide this for them all on my own.
Now, off to pack up more boxes.......

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Apr 14, 2011


I have fallen behind in blogging...obviously. Lots going on at the moment. Softball, softball, and moving! (more on moving later...) Here are some pics of our first game *courtesy of my BFF who thank goodness is a picture Nazi*. This should make up for me lack of blogging, since, after all, a picture is worth a thousand words....

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Apr 5, 2011

Yearbook Pic

You know how when you graduate, all the seniors get their own page in the yearbook so their moms can share really embarassing pics from their childhood?? I came across this pic in my phone today and realized that this one is totally yearbook worthy. This is from tacky day at school. I think the pic pretty much speaks for itself.....

I can almost picture an older version of them saying "Mom, why did you let us go out of the house like that??" Pin It Now!

Apr 3, 2011

Ain't no party like a J Biebs party....

Our party this year was a little late due to my (not so great) planning and (lack of) decision making. Tons of kids were invited, but unfortunately it was a beautiful day outside so not too many people ended up showing up. Kate and Alex didn't care, they had a GREAT time anyways!! Here are some pics even though my camera messed up so tons of pictures that I took didn't turn out.

Can you please just take a second to notice how old the girls look in those pics??! I couldn't even believe it. My babies really aren't babies anymore!
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Apr 1, 2011

April Fools

I didn't have the girls last night. So this morning, I didn't remind them about April Fools Day. I asked Tim if he did, he said he forgot. So in no way did I put her up to this......here is a pic of the texting convo that I am talking about.......
IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM IS THIS TRUE. So if you heard it, the joke is on you. LOL, now I am wondering if it is bad that I am proud of my daughter for pulling off an april fools day joke. Because if you know me, you know that I love them....in fact, I pulled the best one ever a couple of years ago, but that's another story........ Pin It Now!

Brownie Points

A good boyfriend will leave a flower for you in your car....

But a GREAT boyfriend will remember your kids too!

He's racking up the brownie points!
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