Jan 30, 2011

Bacon, Pickles, and Ketchup...OH MY!!

Michael will eat just about anything. But I have learned that there are three things that you will NEVER find on his plate. I have also learned that if we go out to dinner and I want to take the leftovers home with me, I just need to add one of these items in the TO GO box and it will automatically be mine to keep! These three things are bacon, pickles, and ketchup. **I know what you are thinking....who doesn't like bacon, pickles, and ketchup??** Exactly what Kate, Alex, and I say! So, it has been an ongoing joke that if Michael ever makes me mad, I am going to eat pickles wrapped in bacon, dipper in ketchup! Alex thought this was hilarious....and Alex being, well, Alex, (aka Miss Piggy) she decided that she would eat Michael's worst nightmare. Tonight at Huey's, she successfully grossed him out.

I don't think that she liked it as much as she thought that she would like it! But I know that she enjoyed grossing Michael out. And we all had a big laugh! So, then of course, it was Kate's turn......

.....and she was a big fan!!

I am pretty sure this was our first time to eat at a restraunt together (besides CiCi's pizza, which is our normal favorite). We had a great time. Kate got 2 toothpicks stuck in the ceiling and Alex tried her hardest but she just couldn't get it to stick. She said we had to go back again so she could get hers up there and we could bring a marker to write on the walls!

The whole way home, the girls sang/screamed Justin Bieber songs.....I am always amazed at Michael's patience with them, but I was double impressed tonight that he didn't go bonkers. Those cute little sweet girls have some LOUD MOUTHS!!! I am not one to complain, because obviously they get it honest. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have a man who loves not only me, but my goofy children too....looking forward to tons more adventures with our little party of four! Pin It Now!


Lately, Tim and I have been trying to seperate the girls overnight just to give them a break from each other. It also helps us each to have quality one-on-one time with them. Usually the girls love being "an only child" for a night, and I am not gonna lie, it's pretty nice to just hang with one sometimes. So, last night Alex went to spend the night with Tim, and Kate stayed with me. Michael and I took Kate bowling and we all had a blast! We really missed Alex (except for when it was time to pay) and wished she would have been with us. She would have loved it. We bowled and ate pizza. (I won't tell you who won bowling.....I am not the type who likes to gloat....lol) Then we played games. Kate's favorite is skeeball, Michael's is the basketball game, and mine is Deal or No Deal. Kate had a whole pocketful of tickets that we had all won and she was excited about cashing them in. Right when we were finishing up playing, two teenage boys came up to Kate and gave her all of their tickets. She couldn't believe it!!! She was so excited! She ended up having 329 tickets! She got a necklace for Alex, a bracelet for herself, and lip gloss for both of them.
Here is a pic of Michael and Kate from bowling. Now if you know me, you know that I am a huge Tigers fan. Michael is a TN fan, but he is slowly coming around to my side (and I keep buying him Tigers gear so that helps!). Well, because of Michael, Kate has decided that she is a TN fan (Kate loves her some Michael). So when we were getting ready to go bowling, Kate said she had to wear her TN shirt so she could surprise Michael. Then when Michael gets to our house, he had on a Memphis shirt!!! We couldn't believe it! Kate said they were on different teams now!

Once we picked up Alex from Tim's house today, the girls were talking all about their nights apart. Of course they missed each other so they had to catch up. (Tim took Alex to the movies.) Then, Kate was talking about how next week, she was gonna go stay with Daddy alone. Alex's response: "Nuh-uh! We're not doing this split up thing anymore, where you go, I go!" Haha! Guess they missed each other a little more than I thought!
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Jan 28, 2011

Snow Days

We have had a lot of snow lately and the girls have been loving it! Luckily, when we got our first snow warning, while everyone else was running to the grocery store to get their milk, eggs, and bread, I was running to Target to get the girls snowsuits! I know those little girls and I knew they wouldn't last long in the cold without the proper gear. This is the second year in a row that we have been at my mom's house when it snowed, and this is the second year in a row that we have gone on a long walk. Last year we walked all the way to O'Charleys to eat and then we went and saw a movie. Yes, that means that we crossed over Germantown Parkway.....that was scary/interesting/probably not the smartest move! This year we walked to Walgreens to get candy and a movie. Yes, we froze. Yes, the girls were exhuasted. But we made some great memories and that's what counts! Here are a few pics of the snow days.....

We used the top to the trashcan to sled on, it's works just as good as a real sled. The first day of the snow, it was impossible to sled, but the second day it worked pretty well. We also made snowmen. I have to say, the girls are way better than I am at building snowmen. Pretty sure they have their yankee daddy to thank for that! He taught them long ago, and now they are teaching me. Michael came over and played with us in the snow, we even made a family of snowmen to represent all four of us. The picture is a little blurry, but you can see how great our snowmen were!

And just a few more pics to show how silly these girls are......

Thank you God for good times, big fun, and great memories! Now.....show me warm weather!!! Pin It Now!

TRA Lady Rebels

Some of my favorite moments in my life were spent on the basketball court. I started playing when I was 5 and never stopped (until I got too old). I miss basketball more than anything. But the only thing that can compare to being out on that court is watching my girls play. This is the first year that they have played for their school (they played for church for 2 years), and it has been so exciting! Just thinking that some of these girls will probably play together as Junior High Lady Rebels and then as Varsity Lady Rebels brings a smile to my face. We have so much fun in the stands cheering for them! I can only imagine how much fun it will be to watch them all as they get older. I hope the girls continue to have a love for sports......or else I just might have to adopt some other little kids to watch! GO LADY REBELS!!! Pin It Now!

Somebody get me a bar of soap!!

Yesterday was a monumental day in my household. Actually, it happened at Target (which is my second home). No, we did not lose our first tooth (way too old for that) nor did we buy our first bra (WAY too young for that)......it was the day of the first (real) cuss word! Oh I am sure every mom remembers this moment from when their children were young, the first time they crossed over to the dark side and uttered a horrible word that makes every mom cringe. Of course, Kate and Alex are way too thoughtful to let this first happen at the privacy of our own home.....no, they felt the need to share it with the retail world. So like I said, we were at Target, just purchased popcorn and an icee (which is a Target essential), and the girls were fighting over the popcorn. Kate said something to Alex about stealing the popcorn. At that moment, probably the quietest moment I have ever experienced, Alex yelled out "Mom, Kate called me a #@%&$!!!" I think I was in shock. I was also looking around me for protective services to swoop in and steal my kids away from me. She managed to say the cuss word 2 more times before I could quiet her down and explain that we don't use language like that......oh, life with Kate and Alex never gets old!!

**Please note, Kate did not actually call her that name. Alex misunderstood. So, while you may think I am a horrible mother, I beg to differ because only 50% of my children have potty mouths..... Pin It Now!

Crazy Kids

After reading tons and tons of great blogs (and being jealous of all the moms that have made their blogs into books), I have decided to start a blog simply to help me keep track of all things Kate and Alex. Every day they say something hilarious, and I know I will never be able to remember them all. They keep me entertained, and there is never a dull moment. Life is such an adventure with them and I try my best to enjoy every moment. So, today is the beginning of the blog Raising Steppe Sisters (pun intended). Enjoy!

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