Jul 1, 2015

The End of an Era

The time has come for me to shut down this blog.
I've been blogging for years now,
but K&A are getting too old for me to be documenting their
lives all over the world wide web.
I'm sure they don't appreciate the fact that they can be googled and
tons of pics come up.
The stories that I find hilarious, sometimes embarass them.
Thank you for following along on all of our adventures!
Maybe one day I will be back.
To tell you all about our life with a new baby.
But for now, this is goodbye.
{Insert dramatic theme music}
Thanks for reading!!
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Jun 30, 2015

Tummy Tuesday #8

How far along? 21 weeks.

And every week I am shocked by how huge I am.
Bonus is that I wear this shirt at least 2 to 3 times a week so you will probably see it a
lot in my bump pics, makes it easier to compare each week.
Sleep? Not horrible, not great. I'm getting to the point where I can't lay on my back much anymore
so my only options are sleeping on one side or the other. Which is slightly awful.
Best moment this week? Every day when I get off work and get to lay on my bed. Oh the relief my back gets after sitting at a desk all day!!
Oh, and also, I've been having such bad back pain that I got a doctor's note so I can use our pump room at work during my lunch break. There's a couch in there, a very hard not comfty couch, but to me, it's a tiny slice of heaven right now. I'm so glad that I made this happen even though I did not want work to think I was asking for special treatment!
Miss anything? Feeling normal. I feel like a busted can of biscuits today. But other than today, I've been feeling okay so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.
Movement? Yes, finally! I love getting those little kicks. And this baby is a ninja kicking me all the time!
Size of the baby? a pomegranate, 12.7 ounces
Food cravings? chocolate milk.
Gender? team green!! standing strong.
Limitations? tying my shoes, painting my toenails, breathing.
Pregnancy Symptoms? I have been having big time problems with my sciatic nerve. Like in tears with pain. It's not fun. But luckily it doesn't last 24/7 and it's pretty common.
Wedding rings? sadly, off. I have been walking a ton lately, which I'm really proud of. I average at least 2 miles a day while at work and then 3 or 4 nights a week, I walk 1 or 2 more miles. All that walking causes my hands to swell so I went ahead and took the rings off. I hate not having them on, but I hate feeling real claustraphobic too.
Looking forward to? my next ultrasound on Monday, 4th of July weekend, my birthday!, a 4 day weekend coming up. I'm really excited that time is going by and I'm approaching 26 weeks. Can't wait til I see it and pass it up. Also, I'm super swollen today so I'm interested to see if that will continue. I made it about 2 or 3 weeks longer this time without swelling.
Happy Tummy Tuesday!!!

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Jun 23, 2015

Tummy Tuesday #7

How far along? 20 weeks! yay! I'm not real sure why but this has been a goal. Next up, 30 weeks. :)

Sleep? could be worse, could be better

Maternity clothes? consider this the last week this question is included.

Best moment this week? seeing K&A Sunday night. I sure have missed them this summer!

Miss anything? not having back problems. painting my toenails. bending over.

Size of the baby? a banana. (excuse me, what??)  10.2 ounces. this baby has been growing!!

Food cravings? nothing new

Morning sickness? no

Gender? no comment

Bed rest? no

Limitations? it's getting difficult to do anything that requires bending over.

Pregnancy Symptoms? nothing new

Wedding Rings? currently still on. but I have to switch them to my pinkie finger when I'm out in the
heat or if I walk a lot.

Looking forward to? every single friday when I hit the next week mark, I feel relief. I'm so
over being 900 lbs and feeling huge, but I appreciate every single second that this baby stays
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Jun 18, 2015


The girls spent the last week with my Dad and Stepmom in the mountains.
They had a blast riding horses and four wheelers, swimming in the creek,
and discovering their inner country girl.


**bad picture quality due to the fact that I had to screen shot some of the pics from fb**

They even got to visit the new Bass Pro on their ride back into town.

And when they got home, they found out that we got a pool!!!
A perfect pool for this pregnant lady to lay in and relax. :)

And they were able to enjoy it too....until the rain came.
That water was COLD!

New haircuts before they leave for camp next week.

And an underwater shot, just for fun. :)
When I grow up, I hope I can have a summer just like them!!

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Jun 10, 2015

Wilderness Camp 2015

K&A always have the best summer.
I try to keep them busy all summer so they don't get bored and
don't just spend every day sitting at home while I'm at work.
Besides, summertime is for making memories.

Last year I sent them to my favorite childhood camp, Lakeshore, in Eva, TN.
They loved it. But they heard all about the wilderness camp and were dying to go this year.
So, I made it happen. :)

When I say wilderness camp, I mean really in the woods.
They stay in treehouses and have no electricity. There's even an outhouse.

I was very nervous to send them....especially since they normally have an
ipad in one hand and a phone in the other.
But they were up for the adventure and I knew it would be great blogging material.

FH and I took them on a Sunday night.
It takes a little over 2 hours to get there and in case you were wondering, an almost
5 hour road trip is not what you want to do when you are huge and pregnant.
Or when it's raining, because rain + the interstate stresses me out.

The girls were beyond hyper the whole way there. And drove me just a little bit crazy.
I would have been pretty excited too though!

When we got there, we had no clue where we were going.
We had to drive down this really long MUDDY gravel one lane road.
I was wishing we had a big truck at the time, and praying that we didn't pass anyone.

And then when we got there, all the people looked better prepared than us.
They had on their backpacks and just looked like they knew what they were doing.
Meanwhile, we had a rolling suitcase......
I was really worried at that point! What was I dropping my kids off to?!

We got them checked in, loaded all their stuff in a truck that would deliver it to the treehouse.
They would be walking to get there......and of course, they made friends immediately.
Not even wanting to take a pic before I left.

I was really dissappointed that we didn't get to see the treehouses.
I even looked online to try to find a picture, but couldn't.
When we picked them up, we were going to walk up the hill so I could see it,
but one of the counselors told me it was a pretty rough walk.
And looked at my pregnant belly and probably laughed inside.
FH offered to walk it and take pics for me, but that just wouldn't have been fair.
But next year, I'm making that walk and taking some pics!

I was nervous the entire week.
Not really because they were away from home. They go to camp all the time and are fine.
But they didn't have electricity!
And I was so afraid that it was going to be rougher than they expected.
And there was a canoe trip down the Buffalo River and a high ropes course....
and of course, they didn't send me any mail.

Finally on Saturday morning, it was time to go get them!
I was so anxious to get there and to hear all about it.
Do you know that when we got there, K was hugging her friends and standing in a group with them......I kept thinking she didn't see me, but she did. She just wasn't running to me like she missed me like I expected. Side note: K is the child who is never embarassed to love on me. NEVER.
A is totally too cool for me, but K could care less what people think.
And she wasn't running to hug me.
I think my heart broke a little.
And then we see Alex, same thing. Way too busy for us.

And this is how they looked after a full week of camp.
Did I mention that they didn't take one single shower?
And they played in a mud pit?
I could literally smell all the campers. It wasn't pretty.
A even bought a hat because she has short hair and it gets a hot mess if you don't wash it.

Side note: when they were leaving, everyone was telling them bye and calling them the right name.
This never happens, especially not with new friends.
I asked if they all could just tell them apart because of their hair and A said:
"Well, I have had this hat on for the last few days......"

They did brush their teeth twice a day, just for the record.
So there's that.
Even if A couldn't find her toothbrush the first two days and thought she forgot it so she had to
use K's......see, it's good to have a twin! But she found it on the 3rd day so they didn't have to keep sharing.

They said that one kid took a shower last year and everyone made fun of him.
Apparently if you want to take a shower, you have to make the 10 minute walk down the hill
to the showers, it's freezing cold, and then walk up the hill. Only to turn around and walk down
the hill again to start the day. So it wasn't worth it. It would have been to me though!
Oh and the first night, they wrote ALL OVER THEMSELVES with sharpies.

Also, there were bathrooms at the bottom of the hill, but just in case you needed to go to
the bathroom in the middle of the night, there was an outhouse.
Like a real outhouse.
And the girls said it was disgusting.
Their counselor actually got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and there were
2 raccoons right beside her when she walked outside, and she accidentally didn't need the outhouse anymore. They scared it right out of her. Oops.

Oh and also, there were 2 mice in their treehouse.
This is when I would have called my mom to come get me.

They walked everywhere.
The actual camp, where the non-wilderness people stay and most activites were, was like at least a 20 minute walk. Both of them swore they lost 10 lbs from walking so much.

K had a letter for me in her bag that she kept forgetting to mail.
And A mailed me a letter that I got the next Monday. Fail.
They were both hilarious though so worth the wait.

The ride home was interesting.
These girls were EXHAUSTED.

A passed out almost immediately.

K was just confused and fighting sleep until she finally crashed hard.
I asked them if they wanted to do wilderness camp again next year or regular camp, and they both immediately said wilderness camp.
They made tons of friends and lots of memories.
Mud volleyball (which they played without the vollyeball, which I guess is just playing in the mud), ropes course, kiyaking, canoeing, swimming....all-in-all, I'd say it was a success.
Surprisingly, they came home with everything they took with them except for one sheet and one pair of shorts. Of course, that was the most expensive pair of shorts they own, but what can you do?
Home for 3 days and now they are already gone for their next adventure.
One week in the mountains with my dad and stepmom at a horse camp.
Surely they will shower this time.
**Please note, they swam every day and still smelled. I can't imagine what it would have been like if there was no swimming.**

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Jun 9, 2015

Tummy Tuesday #6

How far along? 18 weeks.
Sleep? Pretty good considering the size of my belly.
Maternity clothes? yes, and all of FH's tshirts now belong to me.
Best moment this week? seeing the ultrasound and finding out that our baby is healthy! Also,
when we were at the high risk doctor, my blood pressure was better than it's ever been, so that
was really encouraging!! and obviously baby was happy to see me and Daddy, we even got a wave!
oh also, this text from my mom (aka Popo). It made my day. It was quite hilarious!! yes mom, he/she looks just like you! #proudgrandma
Miss anything? not really. Although I can tell you that I really missed Harper a lot during
our last ultrasound. Of course, I miss him all the time, but it felt real when we were seeing his
little brother or sister up on the screen. I always knew he would be a big brother. :)
Movement? little flutters, but nothing huge yet.
Size of the baby? a sweet potato. 6.7 ounces. (I'll never understand these comparisons!)
Food cravings? chocolate milk makes my world go 'round.
Morning sickness? nope.
Gender? we had to close our eyes during this part of the ultrasound. I made sure FH didn't peak.
Bed rest? nope.
Limitations? none really.
Pregnancy Symptoms? nothing new.
Wedding rings? still on. and I'm happy to report that my feet aren't swollen yet either. not too badly anyways.
Looking forward to? getting to the 20 week mark. that's when I am officially high risk, so I'm anxious to get there, and prove that I can make it to 30 and beyond.
Happy Tummy Tuesday!
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Jun 4, 2015

Picture Dump

The girls went on a field trip before school ended and of course I couldn't go.
Gotta save up that vacation time for the new baby!
Thank goodness I have the best mom and stepdad ever and they decided to go.
Even though it was like a 2 hour drive to Union City.....
but at least they didn't have to ride the bus with a bunch of 6th graders!
The girls had a blast and I got just a few pics sent to me.
They were way too busy having fun to pose for many pics.

What a sweet group of friends!

This is the scariest sight ever. K's face says exactly what I'm thinking.
I can't believe in just a few short years, 4 to be exact, these girls will be on the road!
Be still my heart.
You can tell by their faces just how much fun they are having.
Sweaty and red face from running around, and K can't even bother to look at the camera.
Kate was able to go to her last fishing derby this year.
My mom's work hosts a fishing derby in our town and they have been going every year since they were around 5. Well, except for a few times when they had softball.
Alex couldn't go because she had track.

Is it just me or does she look 16 here?
Time slow down!!!!
Fun fact: they have tons of really good doorprizes at the fishing derby.
And my mom is always scared to death that we will win them all and
someone will think she rigged it.
If she had her choice, her grandkids wouldn't get a chance.
And every year, they win something.
In fact, I remember one year, when they all won something.
Including a small flatscreen TV that my nephew won!

This pic kills me.
Can you see that tiny fish?
I had to put my glasses on to find it, but it's there.
At least she didn't win a cash prize for the biggest fish caught.
My mom would have really died over that!

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